IFCI Interview with Laura!

Hello IFC!

I am delighted to welcome you to this IFCI Interview with Infinite Flight LLC CEO Laura Laban. We here at IFCI would like to thank Laura for allowing us to interview her, and without further ado, here are the answers;

If you could join one Virtual Airline, what would it be?
By @TheCoolPilot

Not sure… I’d probably join a bush flying VA, or one that requires random commitments and shorter flights.

What aircraft was in development for the longest and why?
By @Infiniteflight17

Probably the CRJ, it was our most detailed aircraft and working on 4 detailed planes at once was challenging.

Roughly how many hours have you logged flying (in the real world)? What ratings/endorsements do you have? What is the coolest/most unique aircraft in your logbook?
By @Dubya

I’ve got 600+hrs. I only have taildragger endorsement, did spin training and a bunch of accro. Coolest aircraft in my logbook, the CubCrafters XCub! I got to fly it once, and I had a blast!

Have you ever crashed in Infinite Flight? What was the funniest one?
By @Feurum

Plenty of times. I’d say some of the funny ones were early on, when I couldn’t make the rudder work. The math was all messed up and it was acting all strange… Lately, I had a fun one, I raced some of the staff members with an F-22 that was slightly modified for speed… once I reached mach 16, I pulled up to go to space but stalled the elevator. The airplane went all crazy after that and spun so fast it sounded like a helicopter! I posted the video on my Instagram as it happened :)

Hey Laura, What are your favorite things that you have learned from developing and updating Infinite Flight and working with the fellow staff members? Also, what do you think will stick with you the longest?
By @natedog508

  • I’ve learned that you can’t make everything alone. There’s a point of saturation where things won’t grow unless you surround yourself with a great team.
  • Sharing and being open is the best way to get out of sticky situations with a large community.
  • Don’t raise money if you don’t have to.
  • Avoid third parties when you can. Having as much as you can in-house is priceless.

What’s a normal day like?
By @Trio

6am-7am: Wake up, email code, social media
8am: Take kids to school (every other day)
9am to 3pm: Work, errands, flying.
3pm: Take kids home from school (some days of the week), otherwise do the above until 7pm.
4pm: Snack time!
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Kids in bed, work, tv shows, social media, reddit, youtube… depending on how wiped I am.
11pm to 12am: Bed time!

So let’s say, super hypothetical, no one plays IF tomorrow, whole thing goes down, what do you see yourself doing?

That’s a good question… I’d probably try to figure out why it’s not working and make changes to reboot things. If all fails, then I’d go to another field, maybe fashion, beauty… There’s plenty of things to do in this space for tech savvy people. One thing is for sure, I can’t work for someone else, so I’d probably start a new business.

Laura, If you never continued “Infinite Runway” into what it is now, what do you picture yourself doing now?
By @Evan

I’d probably be at a company in Silicon Valley or most likely in New York, hopefully in a cool company.

How long do you think IF and the IFC will last? When you and Phillipe no longer have time/stamina, do you think junior devs under you will take over?
By @Sammy_Droubi

I hope it lasts for a long time :) We’re certainly hoping for it. Once we get older, then yes, it’ll probably be a project that will be carried forward by younger folks, hoping the vision remains the same. I’d still very much be involved though, I need my flight sim fix.

How important is alpha/beta testing to Infinite Flight? (Shoutout to you, testers!)
By @Nate_Schneller

Very. They help us find tons of bugs and I’m sure it’s a frustrating job at times when crashes are ruining flights. We’re extremely grateful for all the help they provide :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Very cool interview! Really awesome to see this one happen!


Amazing interview. I almost can’t believe Laura answered my question… Amazing answers and it gave us a really amazing insight as to Laura and her reasons on making infinite flight and her challenges. Read every answer to every questions. Great interview guys :)


Awesome interview of one of my idols in life! Very interesting to hear some of those responses


Any way we could get a little more info on that “slightly modified” F-22? My grubby hands want it… 😂


Awesome interview! Good job IFCI.

I believe it had a more powerful engine and shorter wings so it doesn’t buffer at high speeds.


Super cool interview, glad to see one of my questions featured!

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Super glad to see that we’ve got someone High profile being interviewed


slightly? 😂 Yeah only slightly modified. Although that must’ve been a blast


Cool! I love those interviews. Really interesting.

Thanks for great interview Laura and @KaiM!

high speeds ;)


I live in New York too! I wonder where in New York she lives?🤔

Laura, working at Silicon Valley?

If you were going to work at Silicon Valley sadly I don’t think you are atm, then KSJC would be your home airport! :D

Anyways, great interview! It’s a nice and unique one as well.

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Great interview with Laura . Shows the immense work ethic she has . Extremely dedicated to the dream she is living ! Hard work and it surely shows in this simulator and the hard work and long hours instinctively implemented!

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I lived in Silicon Valley, my home base was KPAO. Flew to SJC many times though :)

Loved to do pattern work on Runway 29 before they closed it…


Wow, dang! You should come back to visit sometime!

The campfire smoke cleared up so it no longer smells here. Make sure to land at KSJC XD


I’m pretty sure @BigBert10 had a medical emergency when he saw that… 😂😝


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