IFCI Interview with @KPIT!

After a week of non-stop KPIT Questions, we are here with the first IFCI Interview in a long, long while! No really it took me a long 12 hours to scroll endlessly through the thread it was complete torture
But without further ado lets get this interview rolling with @KPIT’s interview!

1. What inspired you to join the IFC, and how did it change your life outside of flight simulation? - @jakevaz423
I initially joined more or less just to make the one topic I made called “fly at KPIT” well obviously I stayed. But that was never the plan. As for how it has changed me, I’d say I am much better at typing on my phone for one. I still do “tge” for the and put letters for spaces, but I just can’t type on phones to save my life. When words are more subtle misspelled it was probably my dyslexia. The IFC has also made me much more comfortable with that. Seeing how people really don’t care. And how little it affects you if you have people who are nice around you. Also getting to meet other people with dyslexia. Some in, interesting ways. (you know who you are… 😜) I suppose I also have a lot less time. I spend too much time here… 😂

2. What is your favorite American Airline? - @BigBert10
JetBlue. Having flown on SWA, United, JetBlue, JetBlue is by far the best. Good legroom, In-flight entertainment on every flight. Name brand snacks and still low prices, and the livery isn’t half bad. What more do I want!

3. What is your favorite fast food restaurant? - Captain_JR
Chipotle. Cant be argued, it’s so good! I love Mexican food in general honestly, but there is something about Chipotle. If I had to chose a second, Taco Bell, but I don’t like that one as much the second day… 😂 Notice a theme in what I like?

4. If you were to start an airline where would it its hub be and why? Follow up question What would it’s fleet consist of? - @Narruto_Mieumieu
So if I were going to start an airline. It would obviously be based in Pittsburgh, if not Pittsburgh probably just any big city, I don’t really have any allegiances beyond here. Felt wise there would be a lot of small to medium planes since it would be at KPIT, but probably one or two big boys because I think we could handle them on one or two routes.

5. If you were to move to another place in the world just because of the airport where would it be? - @natedog508
If just for the airport, IDK. Probably somewhere like LAX, because you soo so many big birds, here they are a pretty rare spot (right now). I don’t think any airports really stand out to me as I really wish I lived near that, I suppose a few like TNCM, and KDCA that have awesome Spotting spots, but really I would just want to see big boys, so let’s say LAX.

6. The actor John Gielgud believed that of all Shakespeare’s characters Hamlet is probably the one most like Shakespeare himself since of all Shakespeare’s characters, only Hamlet can be imagined to have written all the Shakespearean plays. How good an understanding of Hamlet’s character do you think does Gielgud’s belief reflect? @Marc Jesus thats a question and a half
Well, the only opinion that matters on this is yours! (I have no idea what to answer that with since I have never read Hamlet, or herd of July Gelglug… 😂)

7. Have you been to Europe? - @Chris_Wing
Yes! Stockholm Sweeden, in February… ❄️ it’s very nice @schyllberg & @Captain_JR I didn’t tag you, He did, blame him if you want Seb, please don’t kill me plzkthanks

8. What do you think of K-Pop? - Connor
I listened to it for like 20 minutes on the way home, it’s kinda weird tbh… all Kpop fan’s hate you, jk…… Maybe

9. What aircraft do you hope to see service KPIT in the future? - Ethan T2
Well we know of some like BA, and they are working on more China Charters, so I hope that comes through. Honestly I hope that that could become a regular flight. I think we could support it, and it would put us on the map. I do hope someone takes over for Delta on the Paris flight, and more Europe flights are always nice. Otherwise domestically I think we are set…

10. How did you feel about the KPIT questions? - What everyone wants to know
I don’t mind them, but let’s see if I can answer a few now! A few people asked some form of it is closed, or something. I would be really upset, and as I already said “die in a hole” but Pittsburgh is big enough we need an international airport so something would come back. @Dylan_M who asked if it was renovated and was terrible what would I do. Well A, it is being renovated, and the plans look stunning! But I really don’t care about the inside all but the once a year I fly out so as long as it doesn’t send airlines away I would be disappointed, but not really upset. @Kacey asked what I would do if I was in control of KPIT. Not much different from what’s happening now, they’re doing a fantastic job! But I would never want a desk job like that. @anon7075715] asked if I was an expert on another airport which would it be. Can I say the county airport? 😂 Honestly probably like KFLL since it is the only other one I regularly go to. Why know all about an airport if you don’t see it regularly? And best of all @The_Geniusman asked what makes Pittsburgh so special. Can I say everything? The Perogi races at Pirates games, speaking of which the sports teams, let’s go Steelers! (@Delta319 knows my secret though… 😂) The dialect, the big city but still small town feel, everything thing is perfect! Even down to the fact that you experience every form of weather every! 1+ ft of snow is not in usual, but not is 90 F (different times of year obviously) It’s so fun because you get a great pool,a nd sledding whatever weather at some point in the year…

If you have any more KPIT questions feel free to PM me, or questions about anything else… 😉

So here it is, the longest goddamn interview. I’m sorry if you got tags in the answers, thats just a copy paste from him! Once again Seb please don’t kill me its for an interview plz plz plz, kthanks.


Wow! Awesome responses @KPIT! Great start to IFCI 🤗


I totally agree that JetBlue is the best domestic airline, for all of the reasons you stated above. I always have a good experience with them!


This was a great interview! Well constructed and good answers!


That wasn’t the plan… 😜

Or ways it… 🤔


Don’t worry, I won’t expose it @KPIT

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You’ve got me dead laughing looking at this @KPIT


Well it certainly was interesting… 😂


It was always the plan 😈 Jk lol

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I will spare you this time in the name of Sebastian Schyllberg 😜

Only this time, next time he’ll (Seb) go loose ☠


How can you spare someone for seb?

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Cuz I decide, that’s now things work ;P

Now don’t question the logic here, just be glad that you’re safe for another 3 months, approx or longer… ;)

Btw I noticed the theme in your food that you eat… #Mexico 🌮

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Wow, you must be a genius! 😂

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I am, Did you just figur that out now, woow, too slow? 😎😝

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