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IFCI Answer Thread with @Kevinsoto1502

Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @Kevinsoto1502 ! We’ve picked out 15 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


-The IFCI team

#1. @maeyo asked; re you thinking about taking aviation more seriously in real life and if so what do you plan on doing with your skills?

Yes I actually do plan on doing that. I already take aviation as seriously as possible. I plan on attending a Flight school in FL to work my way up to be at the airliners and hopefully work for Delta one day.

#2. @ThomasThePro asked; Being a long time member, what your favorite memory in this community and how did you find IFC?

My favorite memory in my 5 Years here at IFC has to be the hype for Global and everyone going crazy waiting for the day to arrive and going crazy the day it came. And I found IFC because of the old IF days on facebook. ( Yes im that old)

#3. @Key asked; Being part of the IFATC team, what is the best part?

Besides the great atmosphere, just getting to control to be honest. I love waking up to go control the skies of IF. Something hard I worked for and it definitely can’t get better than that.

#4. @snoman asked; what is a skill that IFATC has helped you develop that is applicable elsewhere?

Awareness and the ability to get things done under pressure. This has helped me in the pilot side of the aviation world and in sports as well.

#5. @ouzi asked; Have you experienced flying on vintage aircraft like 737-2/3/4/5, DC-8/9/10 MD-11 and etc?

The MD-11 Being my favorite aircraft always wanted to fly on it. But, I have flown on the American A300-600 Back in 2004 from San Juan to Orlando back when AA operated a hub in SJU. It was very cool and spacious. Also believe I flew on a Southwest 737-300 a couple years back

#6. @anon7075715 asked; what has been the most drastic change you’ve noticed from your almost 5 years on the Infinite Flight Community?

Personally my maturity has been one that has grown and changed drastically. I think being a 13 Year old joining the forum at the time of beginning wasn’t such a fly idea, but over the years ive shown my maturity and my show that I am a trusted person in the community. As well as the growth of the IFC as well has been a drastic change.

#7. @AviatorNikola asked; In your opinon what is the best suburb of Orlando. (In mine it is Dr. Phillips.)

My opinion on that would be International Drive (I-Drive). This is the best place to go it has lots of restaurants, attractions, venues, and nothing but ofcourse the Orlando Eye. Fun fact is I actually live 2 minutes from Sea World.

#8. @Lufthansa2 asked; What is your favorite route? And what do you like most about it? (Scenery, Personal preference, etc.)

Bingo. You guess it! Orlando to San Juan. I love this route first because Its always nice to fly back home, the scenery is always amazing cruising over the Bahamas and getting to see some of the Dominican Republic on Approach. The best part about it is the landing when you finally enter the Final Approach over Hato Ray and make your way over and see all of San Juan.

#9. @PilotDog asked; Vieques or Culebra?

Well Vieques is my favorite of the two. The little island is so beautiful and is so amazing to always be there on a weekend on the beach relaxing.

#10. @Butter_Boi asked; What’s your favorite flight to do on IF?

Nope not this time. HaHa. My favorite flight as a virtual pilot is London to Los Angeles. Always love flying on American on a classic route with amazing scenery throughout the flight.

#11. @Brody_Swiatek asked; Favorite food? 😁

Papas Locas. Spanish for Crazy Fries

#12. @TransportForLife asked; What does it feel like being a long-term community member? What inspiring people have you met?

It feels awesome man. Knowing you have a family here on the IFC creating a bond for years is special. I’ve met lots of Inspiring people but my the most influence on me has to be my guys @MrMrMan without that dude It just would not feel right :)

#13. @ILOVE7879-2.0 asked; Can you tell me what’s the best place to stay in Puerto Rico?

The heart of San Juan itself! El viejo San Juan is the most amazing place on this planet and I would not take you away from it. Very special with its historical atmosphere and trully amazing.

#14. @Pingu asked; How many times have you been to Disney World?

I’ve been to Disney like 3 or 4 times lifetime. I’m more of a SeaWorld or Funspot type of guy.

#15. @kaj asked; What brought you to Infinite Flight and why do you like it?

Apart from flying on the big sims like FSX or P3D I was looking for a sim that I could use mobile for fun. So I started looking on the appstore and Infinite Flight was the only one to catch my eye. And since then I love this sim and happy it has grown into the way it has.

Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to tune in on Monday for the next Question Thread. Bye!

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Proud of ya homeboy, thats exciting and hope you fly high in the near future🤘 @Kevinsoto1502
Also thx to @ThomasThePro for setting this up its such a great concept!


Thank you so much couldnt do it without the amazing support from you guys❤️


Thank you @Kevinsoto1502! I finally decided to ask a question, and got it answered!


Your welcome Snoman anything for a fellow Abominal Snoman😉


You answered to questions, you get a thumbs up. 👍🏻
Thanks for participating, @Kevinsoto1502, and thanks for making this, @ThomasThePro, these are really cool!


Thanks for having me 😁


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Thanks for the question :)

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Sweet interview! @ThomasThePro @Kevinsoto1502 Always interesting to find out more about a fellow community member.

@Kevinsoto1502 If you ever plan an island hop in the safe future, give me a shout. 😎


For sure brother! Ill PM you soon…😉


Ayee my bro got an interview! Ur doing great man ;) @Kevinsoto1502


Thx brother :) couldnt do it without you❤️


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Yeah ofcourse if you need anymore advice on PR let me know :)


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