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G’day and welcome to the Answer Thread for @Asher! We’ve picked out 15 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


- The IFCI team

In general it’s been an absolute joy! As there is a lot to learn, I’m willing to learn it all. It can be hard but if you put the studying and time into it, you’ll reach your dreams. At the moment I’m at a weird point since covid. My flight school has reopened so I’m slowly starting to go back to flying but taking extra precautions. The flight school is as well. I’ve been participating in Sporty’s ground school program they have available to keep my knowledge sharp as well as Infinite Flight to help.

It’s gotta be the Gulfstream G650. The aircraft has a slick design, high performance speed capabilities, a very very long range, and a cabin designed for passenger comfort. It’s my dream aircraft to fly when I’m older as well.

In the picture in my profile I’m flying the Cessna 172 Skyhawk right after takeoff.

I’m very grateful and honored to be given the chance to advance myself in IFATC to an officer. I at first hesitated to start training but needed to take the leap as I want to contribute has much as I can to the community.

It’s gotta be Maui, Hawaii. Was an absolutely amazing trip that I was able to take a few years back.

That’s a really good question. The number 17 is the date of my birthday. When starting out my Instagram, I needed a name so I came up with infiniteflight_17 and I’ve stuck with it ever since. 17 is my lucky number as well.

Run while you can! Jokes. In all seriousness, ask for help when you need it and utilize all the resources available that will make you pass your exams. They are designed to help everyone to be able to pass the exams if you take the time to study them. Don’t rush through your process in becoming an IFATC controller. Move at your pace. The team is there and will accommodate your pace of progression if your of course dedicated. The IFATC recruiters, trainers, supervisors, and everyone else are always open to help or answer any questions. Don’t be shy to ask as it may cost you on the exams. Also, I appreciate you for following my journey into IFATC! I can promise you in the end it is all worth it.

Ideally in the long run I’d love to land a spot with NetJets. I may go to the regionals and have to survive off ramen for a while but it’ll be to build up my time to land a better and more long term job with a corporate company. I plan on going corporate in the long run, that is my main goal.

Good question! Probably my love for Infinite Flight and aviation. Believe it or not, my Infiniteflight_17 account was my first Instagram account I’ve ever had.

It all started while in the car in probably late 2013 when me and my father were looking for a nice flight simulator and stumbled across Infinite Flight. I immediately fell in love and it’s been a good addiction ever since. My love for aviation at a young age definitely contributed to how I found Infinite Flight.

Be open to feedback at all times. It’s there to help you improve. Prioritize your pilots wants and needs and feedback to make your VA the best it can be. Don’t strive in making your VA big but ensuring that it is a pilot driven environment where they can all enjoy. Quality over quantity is what I’m kind of saying. Your pilots are what is keeping your VA what it is. Don’t take them for granted or you will slowly lose engagement.

It’s constantly changing as I explore new places around the world with my friends. I really don’t have one to be honest but I enjoy characteristics of locations. If I am exploring somewhere new you can say I’m happy. I love terrain, turquoise waters, islands, and challenging approaches, and exploring new places. GA flight unlocks a lot of that.

We won a raffle actually. It’s not open to the public so it was an awesome opportunity. When we took off I was geeking out so they invited me to the flight deck and I just sat down amazed looking around. Then the pilot out of the blue said “your aircraft” and I took the controls and flew it for over an hour. I even logged flight time on it which was sweet. First logged flight in my flight log. Not too many people can say they’ve flown an airship and had it logged as their first flight.

To be honest I have no clue. I’d major in being homeless wishing I was flying. For real though, I’d go to college and major in something and get a job after college. What that job is, I may never know and wish to never know.

In infinite Flight I see myself still contributing and giving back more in the community and IFATC especially. In terms of real world aviation I see myself having a mental breakdown studying for a check

I want to take the time to thank the IFCI team for selecting me and to thank you for asking these amazing questions! I hope you learned a thing or two about me. If you have any follow up questions or anything at all, my pm is always open. Cheers!

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Yay!! My question was chosen!! @Asher Hawaii nice choice. I’ve never been there myself


Now that was a good laugh @Asher 🤣


Great interview! Thank you for choosing one of my questions!


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