IFCI - Interview with IFCI COO @Connor

Hello IFC!

I am delighted to welcome you to this IFCI Interview with the COO of IFCI @Connor!
Here we share all the answers from a lot of questions submitted by IFC members in this thread
Without further ado, here are the large amount of answers;

What got you into Infinite Flight and how did you discover the Infinite Flight Community?
By @BennyBoy_Alpha

I don’t remember how I got into Infinite Flight if I’m honest. And I remember watching the forums for a while and went to like something and it said Hey make an account so I decided sure why not.

We all know Australians invented pavlova, but did the Kiwis invent pavlova with kiwi fruit on it?
By @KaiM

The Oxford English Dictionary said that the first known recipes for Pavalova where found in NZ in 1923. Before the first aussie one in 1940. After Anna Pavlova visited both Australia and New Zealand. So… Suck it

If you were a mod on the IFC for 24 hours, what would be your first action?
By @KaiM

I don’t know what I’d do. If I’m honest anyone that’s been rude to me in the past I’d get permission to perm bans them This is a warning to you all

How has the IFC changed you as a person?
By @Dylan_M

I’ve become more social and I’ve begun mentioning my time on the flight simulator more openly.

How did you discover BLACKPINK? And can you tell us a brief journey of your love with BLACKPINK?
By @George

I was sitting with some friends in a Korean Dessert place By the way, if you’re in Auckland, Snowman Cafe is too die for and I remember listening to the songs playing and I’m like yeah I don’t care for this. And then Boombaya came on and I like Sis, yes and I’ve been a blink ever since. And to cap up my love of BP. If you follow my Instagram, you’d know that I’d pretty much die for BP follow my Instagram link in my bio also #facereveal

Do you Act on an aviation TV show? If no what TV show do you act in so I can watch you…
By @Mavic

Nope, don’t act on an aviation TV show. I can tell you the name and release month, but I can’t tell you more than that. What I can tell you its that its called Educators, it’ll be out in March 2019 and it’ll be released on TVNZonDemand

What did you enjoy most about Emirates Virtual?
By @MrMrMan

I just enjoyed running it. Enjoying that people loved flying for EKV. And meeting people that I still talk to today.

If you had the chance to hang out with Blackpink for 12 hours, what would you do?
By @Narruto_Mieumieu

If I had the chance to hang out with BP for 12 hours. I would eat, dance along to their songs and then do a dance off.

Would you rather control KLAX on Casual or Have to pay for IF Pro every day
By @anon41771314

I’ve controlled KLAX on TS back in the day. I can do that again.

Why did you and @Evan want to open IFCI?
By @WestJet737767

Cause @Evan PM’d me at 3am begging me to allow him to reopen IFCI. I just went along with it.

@Plane-Train-TV Answers;

This took a while, but, here are the answers @Plane-Train-TV lol

Why do you have a BEAR on your profile picture?

Actually it’s a Kiwi now

Is New Zealand actually a country?

Is Florida actually a state?

From a scale from @BluePanda900 to @MrMrMan, how have I improved your writing?

Not a lot. I’d say, as helpful as NickChan’s stuff.

What is Kiwi?

It’s a flightless bird that resides in New Zealand

Should I post @HiFlyer’s interview yet?

You know you should’ve posted that a month ago

Where is New Zealand?

It’s about 1-3000 NM away from Australia, 12-hour flight away from the US West Coast

What in the world is cricket?

I don’t know, whats the Superbowl

Ever licked a Kangaroo?

We don’t have Kangaroo’s here, but WE DO IN AUSTRALIA (from Luke)

Why does the Lounge exist?

Because we needed somewhere to escape the TL2’s

Does New Zealand ever qualify for the World Cup?

I mean we won the Rugby World cup twice, America’s Cup once. Soo

Does Australia hate New Zealand?

Yes, and New Zealand hates Australia, even our airlines hate each other.

Will you ever become IFATC?


Ever heard of Joe Flacco?


Name one city in Boston

Boston is Massachusetts capital city and its the largest city including being one of the oldest cities in the US

You just said “what?”

No, u

You just looked up Boston thinking it was a country

I’ve been to Boston

You just found out Boston is a city

Once again, been to Boston

When will @Aviator_Airbus like Qantas?


Fave Reveal?

Follow my instagram link in Bio

Can I ban @Evan?

No but he will ban you

Does Wellington have any Wells?

I believe back in the 1800’s they did have wells

Name one American Singer that is not Justin Beiber

Ariana Grande

Does New Zealand ever get jealous of Australia?

Not often, normally its the other way round because they STEAL ALL OUR STUFF (Luke here - this is false, they steal all our stuff)

Ever watch the news?

All the time

What number are you on?

Lost count

Do you think @DeerCrusher has the correct opinion on the word butter?

Yes, I do, We’re not at Culinary School.

Is gray a color?


Color or colour?


Why do people put a “u” in words that do not need a “u”?

I don’t know, why did America ban Kinder Eggs?


I hate you

What do you think of Americans?

Could be worse

Why do you keep reading these questions?

Because i’ve got nothing better to do

IFCI stands for what again?

Infinite Flight Community Interviews

When will @BluePanda900 get an interview?

When someone submits him

Please like this post. I’m as desperate for likes as @Gabe_Z

Already did

I just realized I’m on question 36

So this is what your doing instead of doing your job.

You just realized this is question 37

Yes, several times

When is quite hour in the IFCI Slack

All day everyday

Guess how many times people tagged me yesterday

None, because no one likes you

Do you ever fly on Infinite Flight?


That was a trek

- Luke

Do you ever fly on Infinite Flight?


What would be the feature you would like to see in IF the most?
By @Declan

Taxi Lights.

what’s your favorite plane?
By @SkysTheLimit87

100% is the CRJ200

Is Connor the best?
By @Darpan



Thanks for checking out this very unique and long interview featuring @Connor, the COO of IFCI!

See you next time (: !

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Nice interview! I’m happy I got to meet you in EKV, @Connor! :)


He was on this forum before he had a Live account.
You are my hero! 🌷


My favourite answer in this entire interview
No offence to anyone living in Florida

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@Connor I set you up


I saw that

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Expect @HiFlyer’s responses to be uploaded when I find his PM


Thank you! It has been 5 years since you asked me questions lol

does “Early November” sound familiar?? :X


Ayy thanks for answering me :)

A typical day in the life of @Connor
3 Am: 1000 discord slack and ifc messages from @Evan
3:01 Am 22 000 discord slack and ifc messages from @Evan
Rip Connor

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Hahaha! That backfired on you @Plane-Train-TV

I’m offended

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No offence to anyone who’s TL2

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