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Hello IFC!

I am delighted to welcome you to this IFCI Interview with @schyllberg . We here at IFCI would like to thank @schyllberg for allowing us to interview him, and without further ado, here are the answers;

When will you start controlling the skies in IF? By @Transport_Hub

When time allows me too. Unfortunately there’s not enough hours in the day between work, more work, family and what else. But some day, I promise you will see me controlling again. :)

If you had to balance Estrella Damm or Estrella Galicia on a stone dog’s head, which would balance better?
By @Cameron

Oooh… that’s a though one! But I’d say that the Galicia would probably do a bit better with the bottle being a bit more… fat/wide/bigger diameter whatever?

What made you get into aviation?
By @Chatta290

Nothing in particular to be completely honest. I’ve think I’ve answered a similar question in the past. Before Infinite Flight, it was just about aircrafts being a really cool means of transportation with some really complex technology. Post-Infinite Flight, it’s so much more.

What is your favorite travel destination?
By @The_Geniusman

I’m so boring when it comes to this. I haven’t really been to that many places outside of the Scandinavian countries… Cyprus, Mallorca (Spain), UK and a brief detour to Flensburg, Germany back in the mid 90’s. Hopefully this will change soon! But for now, I’m gonna say Mallorca when Cameron isn’t there.

What is your sleeping hours?
By @niks.goen

Hahaha, here we go again. My sleeping hours aren’t any different than yours during any normal day. However, my “Regular” job have a tendency of messing that up as work in shifts there. Some days I work 07:00 - 19:00hrs, others I work 19:00hrs - 07:00hrs. So for most of you who don’t interact with me on a regular basis in real life, it probably looks as if I never sleep sometimes. :)

What has been your highlight of 2018 and do you have any new year resolutions?
By @Dean.Gibson

Being offered the job as the Support guy for Infinite Flight sure was one of them… But the absolute highlight for 2018 will probably be the FlightSim show at RAF Cosford with Infinite Flight. It was absolutely mind blowing because of the community members that attended. I did not expect it to be like that, even though I pretty much knew beforehand.

How can I incorporate “lagom” into my schedule next year?
By @Levet

You figured that part out pretty good yourself earlier this year, thankfully <3

How much money would you require the regulars to pool in order for you to shave your beard?
By @HiFlyer

Not enough money in the world for that to happen. I don’t do babyface.

What would you do if you won 1 million dollars?
By @Gabe_Z

Here comes all the classic answers:

  • Probably buy a house or similar
  • Travel some
  • Get my wife a drivers license and buy a second car. I also want to be in the passenger seat and sleep occasionally!

Okay, last one probably wasn’t such a classic… but 🤷🏻‍♂️

What was your first reaction when you were offered a job at Infinite Flight? - @KaiM

“There we go…!” - was literally my first thought when I received the message, which was quite long.

I then showed it to my wife and asked “Should I?” The reason I asked was because it requires quite a few hours each day of 100% commitment and focus. And I wasn’t sure how she would feel about that. But it was a no brainer for both her and myself. Two days later it was vacation time and I was off to Mallorca for a week. Haha.




Great interview Xpira! Love Seb’s answers.


What is Lagom if I may ask 👀

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