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Hello IFC!

I am delighted to welcome you to this IFCI Interview with IFC Regular @Starley . We here at IFCI would like to thank Starley for allowing us to interview him, and without further ado, here are the answers;

1. What is it like to be a Beta Tester for IF?
By @PlaneCrazy

Well, what can I say! It’s an honor to be a part of the beta team. It offers us the opportunity to help the developers with all the new features that they are developing and it’s not only for the Infinite Flight team, but for other users that want to enjoy Infinite Flight. It’s something special to all of us!

2. Why/how do you know so much about android?
By @Dylan_Bright

As you (probably) already know, I am a tech guy who loves working with phones, tablets and PCs. Since most of the phones out there use Android (which is by the way better than iOS), I had to learn a lot about it in order to understand how it works and how to handle problems. I know quite some stuff about iOS too, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to judge which software is better but of course, Android is still my favourite.

3. How happy are you when you see one of my dms lighting up your inbox about the next blugames stream?
By @BluePanda900

As happy as you after I tell you that Blu will be streaming the FNF!

4. How long could you spend arguing with me that apple is worse?
By @WestJet737767

For as long as you want. I already know that I will be the winner in the end. :)

5. What’s your favorite Infinite Flight update?
By @CR3W

My favourite Infinite Flight update ever is the live multiplayer feature. It’s the update that got me back to IF after a long break and it’s one of the features that separates IF from all other mobile flight sims. Global was of course my 2nd favourite.
In 2018, my favourite update was the A320 soft rework and the African scenery which I really love!

6. When did you start playing and how did you discover IF?
By @Thomas

I honestly don’t remember when exactly, but it was around early 2014. I was searching for a good flight simulator on mobile and I found IF. After I bought the app, I played for around 1 month, but then uninstalled it. But then multiplayer came out and that’s when I started playing IF actively.

7. How happy did you get when you were asked to become a beta tester for Infinite Flight?
By @Balloonchaser

It was very unexpected to be honest. I was sitting at my desk, preparing my next flight when I suddenly got a notification. At first, I thought that it was a normal PM with someone asking me about a phone but then I read it and realised that it was an invitation to the beta team. When I got my hands on the TBM (it was at the time when the TBM was in beta), I was just blown away with what the devs did with that aircraft. I think that you can comprehend why. ;)

8. What’s your dream feature that you would like to see added to Infinite Flight?
By @Declan_O

That’s a tough one. There are so many nice features that come to mind. If I had to decide, it would be either truck (gear) tilt or 3D buildings with working ground staff. Gear tilt would be a game changer to me. It’s the little thing missing in my opinion when it comes to the animated parts of the aircraft.

9. What is the best part of flying for you in your case?
By @Kevinsoto1502

The views. You can see the earth from a totally different perspective when you are at 30,000ft+. They amaze me every time I fly. It’s also one of the reasons why people call the cockpit “the best office in the world”.

10. Why are you a part of Infinite Flight when it is clear you show an interest in helicopters?
By @BigBert10

I am interested in helicopters? Well that’s new to me, lol. Both airplanes and helicopters are a part of aviation. I like both, but I still prefer commercial aircraft.


Btw, androids suck… ;)

Awesome interview mate!


Nice interview.Well detailed answers! < @Balloonchaser in your dreams >

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Oh no! I have embarrassed myself! XD

Sorry @Starley, I mistook you for @anon93248082 XD


I’ll answer - it’s a fun game to play lol I just got Aerofly 2 and they now have introduced helicopters so hopefully one day IF will open that door.m!

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You sure bout’ that?

Of course I am. :)


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