IFCI Interview with IFC Regular @Starley

Hello community
Throughout the past couple of days i’ve had the best time interviewing my dear friend @Starley with questions YOU guys submitted and wanted to know so without waiting anymore here is what you have been waiting for

Q.1) How did you get into IF and what’s your link with the sim? by Captain Zen

A.1) That was a really long time ago. I was searching for a good flight simulator on the Play Store and IF came up. I looked at the pictures and said to myself: “That sim looks interesting.” So I purchased it, but when I started playing it for the first time, I asked myself: “How does all of this work?” Because of that, I deleted IF. But after a while, Live was released. And that was when I started playing IF actively.
I have met a lot of new friends through IF. An example is Justin, the one who is interviewing me right now.

Q.2) What is your favorite plane to take in Real Life? To fly in IF? by AviationReport

A.2) I am a big fan of the Airbus A350. That thing is just a beauty.
In IF, my favourite plane to fly is the MD11. So much detail and the aircraft itself is just amazing.

Q.3) Favourite VA?
Who do you think deserves mod next on the forum? by Matthew Chan

A.3) Well, as I am a staff member of Thai VA, they don’t count.
There’s a lot of very good VAs out there, but I personally prefer AF KLM-Virtual. So many pilots, a wide range of destinations and aircraft, and professionalism.

Definitely not Dush. He has to go to bed. Joking of course :)
That is a tough question. To be a mod, there are some requirements that need to be met. But if I had to choose one, I would say @Wyn2x.

Q.4) What hobbies do you have outside of IF?
Do you play any sports? by Plane Crazy

A.4) I think I can answer both questions at the same time. I play football (for the americans, it’s soccer) and have been playing it for 11 years now.

Q.5) If you could travel to any place in the universe where would you go by Ishan Sharma

A.5) That’s also a tough one. The universe is so big and we don’t know much about it yet. As someone who likes exploring new things, I would travel to another galaxy where I can find aliens or something like that.

Q.6) Here’s the most important question on this thread: Boeing or Airbus?? By Golfer Ryan

A.6) People who know me, don’t even dare to ask me that. To keep it short, Airbus.

Q.7) What was your longest flight ever on Infinite Flight? What about in real life? By Bigbert10

A.7) My longest flight in IF was probably YPPH - EGLL, which took me around 17hrs. But I am planning to do a 20hr flight soon.

In RL, it was LOWW (Vienna) - VHHH (Hongkong) with Austrian Airlines. I loved it!

Q.8) How has the experience as a Regular been on here? What is your most favorite way of contributing on the Forum and Infinite Flight? Out of everyone on this community, who has inspired you the most to be such a role model on the community and how has that individual inspired you? By Chief305

A.8) What can I say. It has been amazing. I met so many new people and learned a lot of new stuff through these people.

I think the best way of contributing to the forum and Infinite Flight is being active, helping the others and sharing your knowledge with them. And that is what I try to do all the time.

He is an amazing person from which you can learn a lot. Santa has always been my favorite mod on here (sorry Misha, please don’t use the ban hammer) and I always looked up to him.

Q.9) Who do you look up to here on the forum? by BallonChaser

A.9) Again, Santa. I want to have that beard too!
Just joking of course.
I kinda answered that question in the previous one. :)

Q.10) Where did the name ‘Starley’ originate? By Josh_H

  1. It doesn’t really have an origin. I wanted to have a simple name which you can remember easily and I came up with “Starley”. And no Dush, I didn’t even know that this singer existed when I started using “Starley”.

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Looks great! Good job @Justin0623 :D


I’m honored. Really.
Nice interview! (Not biased at all here… 🙄)


Look at that schyllberg, people want your beard XD


I mean who doesn’t xD

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Typical Starley, also

I think he also means and teaching people new things too :)


Nice interview. We all love you Ginger Santa and Axe Man.


But seriously Great interview mate!

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@Starley and I have something in common:

We both have @schyllberg as our favorite mod. XD


I think this is an awesome interview with awesome answers! I think we all love @schyllberg !

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Nice interview @Starley and @Justin0623!

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Very good response to the questions. I can see the thoughts and I can tell, your pretty smart for this one ;)

I was so surprised why I was tag in this interview 😊 but I am absolutely honored to be even mentioned in here even thou my contribution to the community are just my photos. I am sure they’re are more deserving members in here that are well equip to be a MOD. But thank you for even considering me 🙏🏽🙏🏽


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