IFCI Interview With IFC Regular Darpan - Answers


Welcome to the Official Interview for @Darpan!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who sent in their questions for Darpan, he enjoyed answering them, and we can’t wait to bring you more Interviews soon.


What was the most exciting part of joining the IFCI Team?
Asked by @CR3W

It was super exciting because I was trying something new and different from regular VA’s. Even though I’m not active a whole lot it still is fun to be around so many other like minded IFC members. And getting the inside scoop on how IFCI runs and whats coming up. IFCI is a great place to be.


How much do you check the IFC. And how often do you fly?
Asked by @Connor

I check the IFC once in the morning and irregularly after 3:30. I try to fly (on Infinite Flight) everyday but that usually doesn’t happen. I do love to fly though, one of my favorite pastimes.


What’s the longest time you’ve spent on making a livery for the Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2 thread? Also, why 777 and not 787? (The T7 is bae tho…)
Asked by @anon7075715

I think the longest I spent was 2 days on the Cathay Pacific “Asia’s World City” 777. That took a while especially getting the sizing and coloring right. The 787 is cool but the 777 is just amazing. I love the way it looks, how so many airlines use it, and it’s capabilities. It is a gorgeous aircraft.


The 777 had its first flight on June 12, 1994. As of February 1st, 2019 that was exactly 9000 days ago. How did you celebrate this special day?
Asked by @Marc

I did the longest 777 flight I could do, Air India 777-200LR from KSFO to VIDP. Which is also a route from my two homes. I had a lot of fun and gained an enormous amount of XP. It was lots of fun.


As a 13 years old being on this forum for some time, what do you think of the minimum age for joining IF?
*Asked by @azeeuwnl

For IF I guess you can be any age really. I started playing IF when I was 11 but only got into it at 13. If you spend enough time you can self teach yourself to fly (like I did). For the forum I get the whole 13 year old thing. I remember I saw an 8 year old join the IFC once, and he caused a lot of arguments but he was really clueless as to what he was doing wrong. He ended up getting suspended. But I feel like people underestimate the capabilities of young people sometimes.


What is your favorite B777 destination IRL and why?
Asked by @Captain_JR

My favorite 777 route is KSFO to VIDP and vice versa. Like I said before it’s the route between my two homes connecting my family. It is operated by Air India though which is cool for the first 2 hours then you realize how crappy their service actually is. My dad flew that route with them once, his Entertainment screen wasn’t working and it was a full flight, so all he could do was sit there for 17 hours. Im pretty sure it didn’t have outlets either so he couldn’t charge anything once it ran out of juice. But still I love Air India and that route. I fly it at least once a month.


When will ANA get approved 😡
Asked by @BluePanda900

Let’s just say, after 5 months we are super super close. Just keep checking #live:va.


Why Boeing over Airbus?
Asked by @TheCoolPilot

I have been flying on Boeing aircraft for a long time now, and I guess it just clicked. The fact is that Boeing is better than airbus. Its just a fact, an undeniable fact. Like I always say “If it’s airbus, I hope it doesn’t kill us”. But nah, im just kidding. Airbus is cool I just love Boeing more. Also airbus aircraft are kinda ugly. I mean the noses of planes shouldn’t be round. Also I hate side-sticks.


How did you find Infinite Flight and why did you keep playing it
Question Retrieved From Another Question Thread

I found infinite flight when I got bored of “Realistic flight simulator” and wanted something else. By the promo video it looked very cool and professional so I convinced my dad to let me buy it. Eventually I got bored but came back a couple months later and convinced my dad to buy a pro subscription and Ive been in love ever since.


What is the one thing you want to see Infinite Flight release in the next year?
Question Retrieved From Another Question Thread

I really really want a 777 rework with working cockpits. I’ll do anything for that. I’ll pay double the subscription if I have to. Just give me live 777 cockpits with a rework.



Awesome to see my friend @Darpan be interviewed!


Wow! Nice to know more about you @Darpan. I actually feel like doing a KSFO to VIPD Flight…but in a 787 tho 😂


Nah just kidding. Great interview overall, looking forward to more!

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So many KSFOs here :(

Great interview though

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