IFCI - Interview with IFC Mod DeerCrusher


IFCI Interview with DeerCrusher

Hello IFC!

I am delighted to welcome you to this IFCI Interview with IFC Moderator @DeerCrusher. We here at IFCI would like to thank DeerCrusher for allowing us to interview him, and without further ado, here are the answers;

A day in the life of an IF moderator?
By @azeeuwnl

Hmm. Not exactly sure where to begin. In the mornings I’ll generally log in as I’m drinking my 2nd cup of coffee and eating some breakfast. Generally the mods/staff on the Eastern sea board and the UK have things rolling for the day already. Throughout the day when I log on, there will be occasional posts pending. I deal with a fair share of ghosting complaints and try to help those who are complaining have a better understanding in regards to why ATC did what they did. I will try to point them in the right direction so that they can further improve their piloting skills. I do this by linking them the necessary tutorials depending on what the situation is. But most of my activity will occur during the evening hours for those on the east coast and the late afternoon for those on the west coast of the US. I sometimes see myself as the clean up crew sometimes because I’m the usually last moderator awake in the US before those in the UK wake up. So it works out pretty well. But when all is said and done, I’m a customer just like everyone else. I try to educate folks in regards to real world procedures, answer their occasional questions that they may have and just be “that” helping hand when and where it’s needed.

Without being biased, Embraer or Bombardier?
By @Transport_Hub

Well given I’ve only flow the Embraer, I have to say Embraer. But… the CRJ’s are pretty snazzy too!

If you eat yourself will you become twice as big or disappear?
By @Mavic

🤨 Ummm… I’m going to have to go with double in size because its not possible to simply vanish. There will always be something left over.

When will you become a real Pilot?
By @Joe

I’m not sure. Hopefully someday soon. I’m waiting for my scholarship from FlightCast and LiveFlight. I heard my application was pretty high up on the list. 😉

Does pineapple go on pizza? Yes no why
By @Sebastian9915

Some may not like me after this answer but my answer is YES . I lived in Hawaii for about 13 years when I was growing up and I had all sorts of different foods. One of the foods was Pineapple/Hawaiian Pizza and believe it or not its actually pretty good. Its generally a pizza made with mozzarella, red tomato sauce, pineapple, and ham/bacon. The pineapple will actually become sweet and not as tart as you’d normally expect if you were eating it out of a packaged cup of pineapple pieces. So, if you’re into the sweet and salty type of foods you may end up liking it.

Rumor has it you have a secret callsign. Do you acknowledge this?
By @asneed8706

😡There is a rumor floating around that I have a secret callsign and its a callsign that I received unsolicited. Long story short, I was on a flight with IFAE (Infinite Flight Aviation Experts) and we had flown into an airport without any ramp parking. It was a runway with a couple exits and one main taxiway. Well, because the rest of the group was blocking the taxiway, I had no choice but to taxi through the grass in my F22. Yes, I know, shame on me. I don’t recall who the individual responsible is, but within IFAE I go by the callsign MOWER , because I mowed the grass with my jet… So yes, I will acknowledge this. Moral of the story is, don’t taxi through the grass or dirt. If you taxi through the dirt your callsign will be DOZER.

So, how did you come to the IFC? How did you get involved with the VARB?
By @callum5124

Honestly, I don’t recall how I found out about the IFC. Infinite Flight use to have the “helpful tips” and other messages on the loading screen years ago, similar to what we have today. I think I saw the URL for this website on one of those messages and I created a profile here. But I never did anything with it for a few months. I created it and kind of left after reading through a few topics. I eventually came back with a mission and that was to share my knowledge to those aspiring aviators. You may have read in news articles or heard on the radio that the airlines are going through and will go through something called a “pilot shortage”. I had this goal of mine to help ease that shortage over the next decade by encouraging you guys that being a pilot is an awesome career and opportunity to fulfill. I slowly became more active over time and flash-forward a bit and here I am.
As for the second part of your question regarding the VARB. I was in a VA about a year and a half ago called NetJets. I was one of the board members and was tasked to find new members who would be a good fit for the VA. That adventure led me into finding a good friend of mine who is now a moderator, @Damian. At the time the IFVARB was asking that the CEO’s and its main leaders be in their Slack. A few months went by and I noticed that some of the CEO’s at the time were expressing their frustration in review times for new VA’s and for some of the policies that were in place. I recognized some of these issues and offered my assistance to the current admins at the time. I was brought onboard as a board member reviewing and giving feedback for VA’s. It was fun! It was neat to see how creative folks can be and the potential that these VA’s had due to the organization that was present. A few more months go by and I was invited to become an admin. My role was to work with the prospective CEO/Leader of this new VA and get some information regarding their new start up airline before getting them passed on to be reviewed by the board members.

If you had to choose one community member to be an IFC moderator, who would it be?
By @TheCoolPilot

Me, duh
First, I’d like to make it clear that the choosing of a new moderators does not fall upon one or two individuals. All of the moderators and a few staff members will gather in chat to discuss some potential candidates. I won’t discuss some of the more specific things that we look for in particular but one of the obvious traits that can’t be hidden is the ability to help others. This is a key attribute because we (mods) are in a way representing Infinite Flight on the customer service frontline. Having the ability to interact with others and guide them to a solution to the issues that they could be experiencing is crucial. And because we just added two new moderators recently I can’t really provide any prospective candidates that I’d choose.

What update got you the most excited in Infinite Flight?
By @Daniel_Cerritos

The update that got me most excited was the update for Global. I mean, the days of being restricted to a specific region was over. It’s like keeping an animal in a cage and letting it out for the very first time. Its going to want to go explore and see what the world is like. Its nice to fly with realistic weather in regards to the winds and fog. It’s also neat to fly a realistic route and see other do the same. The addition of global is what made the whole Infinite Flight experience immersive.

What are your top 3 pet peeves.
By @Jack_SSA

In this particular order. From most annoying to the still annoying but not the most:

1. “Butter the Bread”- What are we, in culinary school?! For the sacred beauty of the aviation industry, don’t use this phrase to describe your landing. If you’re using this phrase its likely your landing was not smooth and you likely plowed it into the pavement. At least that’s what I’d like to think if you say that. Instead say, " She was a greaser’ , or ‘I greased that landing’ or, ‘that was greeeaasssssy’ or ‘that was smoother than a baby’s behind’ ". If you say any of those, you’re a real pilot and you’ll get a gold star in my books.
2. Being late is another peeve of mine. I personally don’t like being late , and I don’t like other’s being late. Not only is it rude to waste someone else’s time but being late affects things further down the line and will generally have a snow ball effect. What this means is as the day goes on, the time that was late will progressively get longer and longer. Being late 5 minutes could result in being late by 45mins - 1 hr depending on the situation. #DontBeLate
3. Slow drivers in the left/fast lane on the highway If this is one thing that doesn’t get your annoyance level up, oh boy. There have been times where I’m behind someone in the fast lane on the highway going 10-15mph under the posted speed limit. First things first. It’s called a fast lane for a reason. Second, its not safe to be driving that slow in the FAST lane. The last thing I want is someone to come up from behind me and hit me because of someone else’s poor driving skills. The solution: Please pull over to the slow lane or another adjacent lane so others can pass you safely. Another option would be to let someone else drive instead.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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This drives me insane also @DeerCrusher

Awesome interview! Neat to see partially inside of Deer’s mind 😂


I can relate to being late ugh I show 15 minutes early to anything! If I’m 10 minutes early I feel super guilty lol


Now you know why you shouldn’t taxi in the grass in front of a whole bunch of GAF Pilots looking for a laugh. 😂


Just started driving lessons and I may or may not be one of those people @DeerCrusher 😜

Great interview and some interesting answers!

Don’t even get me started… 🙄


Excellent interview @DeerCrusher !!

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Looks like we all share at least 1 common peeve. Makes me feel not so guilty then. 🙂


Yeah! Sorry about being the slow driver in the fast lane. At least you don’t live where I live, so you don’t have to deal with me. 😅

Good interview Deer!

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It all starts with doing the wrong thing in front of the right people lol.

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True. But owning up to a mistake is what should not be taken for granted. Important life lesson. 😬


Not gonna lie Mr. Matty, but it was individuals* :)

But on a real note, this was an amazing interview! Fun getting to know my pal a bit more!

OMG the slow people in the left lane make me lose faith in humanity. Great interview

I feel really bad, I know I was late (I think you know when) once and now I feel terribly guilty.
Anyways, great interview, I always love to learn more about each member of our community!

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I suppose now you could say that you’re truly cutting corners and shaving seconds off your flight time…


Wrong “Hawaiian pizza” was made in Ontario.

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If Deer hates tardiness, he must hate it even more when Smithley announces fake tests that he needs people to fly for


Finally! Some one gets it! I love pineapple on my pizza and it is really under rated.

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