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IFCI Answer Thread with @Luke_M

Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @Luke_M! We’ve picked out 15 (of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


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Q1 @TransportForLife asked: What’s it like being a IFATC recruiter for you?

It’s really rewarding! Really is such a great privilege being able to help & ultimately recruit new members from all across the globe and different stages of life. Then when they’re actually in IFATC, just being able to see them grow from day one of sending that message with all the details to the day when they’ve radar qualified and beyond. Along the way of just being in IFATC and becoming a trainer//recruiter, I’ve met so many new people and mates that I talk to almost everyday now; It’s great!

Q2 @infiniteflight_17 asked: What was your initial fuel that helped you get to where you are today within IFATC? In other words, what made you go further and further?

Well, firstly it’s something I’m really passionate about!
I’ve loved the whole organisation and the whole “ATC in Infinite Flight” ever since I got involved in Infinite Flight. I also do fly IRL so being able to talk, receive advice & the like from people with the same goals is so valuable!

And as stated above, it really is just such a privilege being able to teach people the fundamentals of ATC within IF, then consequently seeing them rise to new levels! Additionally, over my time being a trainer and recruiter, being based in Australia, I like to think that I’ve been able to provide more support to the oceanic timezone, ultimately bringing a ton of new faces from Australia, New Zealand & all those guys who live “down under”. ;)

Q3 @Marc asked: Luke, being from Australia, is harder to control while being upside down or do you think that this different perspective helps you in your role as trainer?

Eh, it has both its positives & negatives Marc! ;)
I do get a very unique perspective as a trainer from this other side of the world.
Here’s a visual of YSSY in full steam the other week:


Normal operations, of course

Q4 @Connor asked: How has the IFC changed you as a person?

Very nice question Connor!
Well, the main thing I’d say is meeting so many awesome people across the globe!
Just the other day, I was on a zoom call with IFATC that has people from all parts of the world, and being able to chat to them like we’re standing next to each other is such a cool experience. It really is amazing!

Another huge thing for me is being able to talk to people who have similar goals in mind, whether it’s career wise or just a love for aviation! For example, @Aaron.C just got signed off on his commercial pilot license which for me is a long term goal! As a result I’ve spammed him with a billion questions & he never talks to me ;)) Kidding of course! I’ve been able to get some awesome advice from Aaron on how he got to where he is today and we’ve both been able to share similar experiences & the like!
Hopefully in the future we’ll see Aaron flying CRJs over Canada!

Q5 @Captain_Cign asked: Does it ever get too overwhelming, dealing with too any situations at once?

Well, a key point with this is to know your limits!
For example, if you’ve only just become a specialist in IFATC, don’t go opening a full-on FNF working at full pace with something like 60 arrivals in the next 20 minutes!

Additionally, another key thing is to prepare , prepare , prepare !
Preparation really is such a huge thing in IFATC;
Before I open, I always try to go to the specific airport, have a fly around, check out the charts and all resources available. Always a good idea to see where the traffic is coming from; is it all spread out? is it all coming from one direction? etc etc.

Though, if you do become overwhelmed, here’s a nice tip from @Will_A from a blog post on the IFATCEG website;

“Look away, take a deep breath, and relax your muscles. Simply doing this allows your mind to recoup. When you look back at the screen, there is a fresh perspective and a fresh plan just waiting for you.”

It’s always fine to ask for help, or even drop a frequency to just tower or something alike; whatever equips you to provide the best service is the best option!

Q6 @ThomasThePro asked: How did you discover Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight Community?

I discovered the actual sim Infinite Flight through a mate who’s also into aviation. One day he was just chilling and flying an A380 @ KNUC with a bunch of traffic just through his phone. After that, I was hooked & got right into things!

I believe I found the community through clicking on an old “News” button in a previous version of IF. I then found out there was an ATC Schedule & everything. 🤯
Then, I flew my first event with QVG which was something pretty crazy like Perth to Heathrow and met the one & only @Josh!
Josh then introduced me to IFATC & the like and I shot over a message to the one & only @JoshFly8 and got the recruitment process sorted and from then it’s just been an adventure…

Q7 @anon99845028 asked: How do you make a balance between being a recruiter and normal work?

Setting up a billion reminders on my phone & getting tagged non-stop. 😂

It does get a bit tricky at times with working, then classes, and this, but I make it work because I love it!
I try to set priorities with what needs to be done & when it needs to be done by and the like. Basically, it’s just a lotta time management and staying up till some crazy times and waking up at some early times. All worth it though, 100%!

Q8 @TRDubh asked: Luke, do you prefer working as a trainer or recruiter?

Hmmm, tough one;
To be honest, I really do like both of them equally!
Overall, being able to help people out with ATC in IF is both the goal for training and recruitment so it’s a pretty even table :)

Q9 @EyesSkyward asked: Are you going to pursue a career in ATC or aviation more broadly?

Goal is to head into the aviation industry after all my exams and everything are done.

Becoming a commercial pilot is currently the #1 goal for me, but I’m also looking at Air Services Australia with ATC and the like. Also having a think about heading into the RAAF as an ATC or something along the lines!

Just gonna have to see what goes where and how the next few years turn out! :)

Q10 @sam2875 asked: Have you found it difficult to balance all of your Infinite Flight related responsibilities?

For this one I’ll probably echo my answer with “How do you make a balance between being a recruiter & normal work” question. Will admit sometimes I do have to drop off things if it gets too much, but I try to manage it all sustainably in the long term!

Q11 @jet_airways_995 asked: What would you consider as your greatest achievement in Infinite Flight?

Definitely becoming a recruiter with IFATC, really is such a privilege to be apart of the recruitment team, very grateful!

Q12 @Chris_Hoss asked: Why Harris Farms?

For all those that don’t know what Hoss is talking about, “Harris Farms” is where I’m working at the moment.

And why Harris Farms?

Well, it’s work! And I’m also helping out the community during the pandemic & love the people working there and the overall job. And of course it also funds the flight training which is perfeectooo.
Make sure to come in for your 25% discount soon @Chris_Hoss ;)

Q13 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk asked: What is the funniest moment you have experienced during any controlling session or training?

Probably a funny moment was when I was controlling an airport and had the one & only @Adam_S turn up and act as a ground vehicle. He even did a couple runway inspections and spent probably round an hour+ just taxiing round the airport and making sure everything is in order. ;)

Here’s a shot of his LiveFlight track:

Q14 @KPIT asked: What’s the battery life in the magnetic boots you guys use to walk down under?

Ohhh, crikey.
Dude, they don’t last too long!

Gotta head to my local magneto-boot-down-under-aussie shop round 3 times per week!!
Also gotta make sure there’s no red-back spiders making a nest or something in my boots.
Hopefully they’ll improve the battery life in the long end ;)

You can check out their offical website here if you’d like to buy a pair!

Q15 @Aaron.C asked: What’s one country you really want to visit, and if you could choose any plane to fly there what would it be?

Hmmm, you want me to say Canada, don’t you Aaron!

To be honest, I really want to head up to the states/Canada sometime in the next coupla years!
The goal is to head to Oshkosh or something similar I reckon, would be such a memorable experience.

Regarding what plane?
Dunno, maybe you can fly me in on your Cessna into Oshkosh Aaron ;)

Looks like that’s it!
Thanks a ton everyone if you’ve read this far, and most importantly the questions!

Another big thanks to @Thunderbolt and the whole IFCI team for setting this up - looking forward to what the future holds!

And if anyone ever want’s to shoot me a message, door is always open. Cheers all!

Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to tune in on Monday for the next Question Thread. Bye!

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Nice read to the life of @Luke_M 🤯

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Only 25%, that better not include the money you owe me ahahahahah

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Great thread.

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Well said Luke! Honored to call you my radar trainer!

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Good interview!

I forgot that I recruited you… how embarrassing.


Guilty. In my defense, it was just ground and it went quite well.

Who else thought this would be a rick roll?

In all seriousness, a great interview with an absolute legend!

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Wow, that must suck, @Luke_M you even seen someone’s battery’s run out? Do they just escape into the void? Seems like an unpleasant way to go…


I haven’t laughed this hard in a while 😂😂

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Great interview man!

Was definitely expecting one, not disappointed though!

Yep, totally. Never answer ;) but you caught me haha! I’m not not going to say Canada. If you make it here we’ll def go up for a flight though, and hopefully it’s during Oshkosh!

Great interview and questions!

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