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IFCI Answer Thread with @Ecoops123

Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @Ecoops123! We’ve picked out 20 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


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#1 by @Snoman, What is one thing about being a CEO of a VA that you have enjoyed, and what is one thing that has been challenging?

Well I guess it’s just being up to answer any questions from pilots all times of the day and night. We have a full house of active staff, and almost all the internal work being done by @Plane-Train-TV, he is the heart of our VA. Without him in it, we would’nt be where we are now.

#2 by @JulietTango, Who is your favourite staff member at WSVG?

All of you, I can’t do anything without all of you by my side.

#3 by @JulietTango Where do you see yourself on this community in 2-3 years? Do you think that you will continue to be the CEO of a VA or do you see yourself moving on to other things in IF and IFC?

I would definitely want to be here for the foreseeable future, and would love to continue to help the community and game as much as I can. As I get a career and venture the world for myself yes I may become a little less active, but the community and all of you in it are more or less a part of my life now, which I don’t regret, since I’m still getting the grades I need, along with the exercise, friendships, relationships etc…

#4 by @Infinite_Flight_Sims, Have you ever flown WestJet IRL? What are your thoughts on the real life WestJet?

Believe it or not, no! I would love to. My favourite airline is joint between Westjet and Air Canada, which I flew 3 flights on last year on their 3 larger aircraft of their Boeing fleet. Ideally I would like to start small with a career with one of these airlines or their smaller groups.

#5 by @cptlogue, How did you get the name Ecoops123 ?

Actually pretty simple. My name is Ethan Cooper, so most of my profiles elsewhere will have a capital ‘C’ (here on the IFC I do not). The capital ‘EC’ represents my initials, ‘Coops’ being a shortened, as you will ‘nickname’ to my sirname, and ‘123’ because I’ve had this nickname as log as I can remember so it probably came from my first math class.

#6 by @ILOVE7879-2.0, Banff or Jasper? 🤔🤔🤔

Haven’t been to Japser yet.

#7 by @ouzi, Did you hear the Beatles song? If so, what is your favorite title?

There are many Beatles songs. It’s not really my type of music but I think I’ve sung “We all live in a yellow submarine” too many times in something called ‘singing assembly’ at school.

#8 by @Infinite_Qantas, what was the worst thing I did as a staff member in your VA?

Ask me this question, I now have to think.

To be honest, you’ve been a devoted staff from the start, so I wouldn’t really say you’ve had any bad moments, maybe except from the daily wake-up calls of ‘are we approved’.

#9 by @anon57683537, Why do you like C A N A D A so much?

Many reasons! A lot of my family actually live in Vancouver, and have immigrated over the years, I’d love to join them. Now I’ll say, in the real world, I’m a very independent person and like not being disturbed, yet I love architecture and geography. When I was in Vancouver 4 years ago, I stayed in a house on the most North East area of the City, literally about 5 houses from the border of the never ending forests. No joke!

There were some days, where we would go out to the City, and visit all the places, from (interesting) museums to high rise views, and find those places full of great food! The there were other days, and not even an hours drive and you’re in the complete wilderness straight out of civilisation, in bear county. For the record we went on a ‘bear hunt’, try to and spot bears with a professional, we didn’t find any sadly. This also happened with Toronto, and Calgary. I’d return in less than a heartbeat.

One of my most memorable experiences, was sitting in the front of a De Havilland Beaver (float-plane), flying to a completely remote glacial lake,and eating our lunch with the sound of nothing. This was an explorer’s dream.

#10 by @Infinite_Qantas, Why did FlyDubai Virtual fail?

We just didn’t have the staff nor availability/knowledge to work at the time. Inactivity from some work just caused us to fail so I gave up and thought I’d start somewhere new, with somewhere I had been with for over a year and was a great airline going down the drain.

#11 by @Thomas_G, Which was the most challenging part during your VA’s approval process?

Being honest? Westjet Virtual Group passed with flying colours, the ongoing thing we really changed that took time was the website with a few small issues. Flydubai Virtual? Everything. The systems we just didn’t have, neither the website. My one was near barely certification worthy, then a decision was sort of made without consent to restart. That website went less than nowhere.

#12 by @JulietTango, What else do you do in your free time apart from flying on IF and sitting around here on the IFC forum?

Great question! I love both sitting around in my bed all day doing both nothing, but at the same time love going out and being active. I do watch YouTube in my spare time, and only a few shoot em’ ups as a general bit of entertainment and activity.

I used to be a part of Scouts from when I was about 6-8 or something? But i left recently after i was in a great group, which started as 3, quickly expanded to 10-15 and was going out weekly, buying chips/fries, playing games like golf, having some great experiences. Some were even flying gliders and driving trains in an actual company training simulator! (The company was Southern on a full simulated replicate of a Class 375 and 455)

I love to kayak, mountain bike, even bmx a few years ago. Now I just go out for long leisurely rides, occasionally in my local woods, as well as go out to the beach and stuff since I live on a coastal town, and even go round for a day with a loved one! Of course now I can’t in this current situation.

#13 by @Plane-Train-TV, Why WestJet Virtual? Why did you take the risk of closing FlyDubai Virtual for a failing virtual airline, and how do you look back on this?

Westjet Virtual was the first Virtual Airline I flew for. And gained many hours with! Flydubai was an airline I saw and thought I’d do something with, I never knew anything about or had experience with. This was a rookie mistake. I chose Westjet since I loved Canada, and had been part of the dying VA for over a year.

#14 by @anon41771314, Are you satisfied with the status of WSVG after flipping it from a 3 active member VA to now?

More than! We’ve got 30 pilots in our Crew Centre and rising every few days, along with hourly activity (except a small part of the night for Europe and N America)! I don’t plan to stop this journey for a long time. 🙃

#15 by @ThomasThePro, If you can be a pilot at any airline which one and why?

Air Canada on their Dreamliner. When I went from Calgary to Heathrow on a New Livery 787-9, it was a beautiful aircraft, with the pilots eager to stand around and talk (unlike my parents waiting in the terminal). I’ve heard how Air Canada staff have been rude and have had bad attitude. I didn’t have this at all. We kindly asked for a 2nd pizza slice thingy when there was a few hot ones left over, and the flight attendants were all happy to get me and my dad one. The same with a few glasses of water, and many other things.

If I ever became a pilot for Air Canada, or Westjet, and practically any other airline, every flight I would fly with pride knowing the people I’m carrying, the lives I’m making, the memories that are being made, the positivity you get from the passengers once they disembark their flight for their next journey. At no point would I, being a pilot, hate my job. My sleep is whenever anyway.

#16 by @TransportForLife, What is your favourite Canadian city after Vancouver?

Toronto, it’s beautiful and massive with a very very well built, easy to navigate city centre. Calgary doesn’t have too much other than the outer areas to do for tourists I found. There are museums and some parks to play and ride stuff in, but other than that when I was in Calgary their Tower was closed for maintenance so I never got to see the city from above.

#17 by @anon74260613, If you could help add/rework an aircraft in IF, which aircraft would you pick and why?

Oh. My. God.

I would love to progress further to development in the future, but it’s just getting that knowledge first, and showing my skill to the current staff. Anything’s possible, and as said by Jason, “just do something that would want to make us hire you!”. I’m looking at stuff from 3d modelling to game art and design at college for both a backup career, and a hobby.

In realism? Daily I dream about what I could develop if I had the skills, but not in my dreams. Just when I’ve got nothing else to do other than clear my mind with GE-90’s. But really what would I want? I’d love to add the A220-300 into the game, but would also love to rework the entire A330 series, including adding the -900Neo varient, since I commonly fly the A330.

#18 by @Butter_Boi, What’s your favorite region in Canada and why?

British Columbia. Becuase a lot of my family gave already moved there, it’s where my passion for Canada started, the city of Vancouver is both vast, quiet, yet a beautiful bustling city, the airport is outstanding, and has been rated best airport in North America for many years. The Canadian Rockies are absolutely amazing too!

#19 by @Butter_Boi, Do you like legendary/classic aircraft or new/modern ones?

I’m a very modern flyer and person on the whole. I’ll fly any modern flight, and for example only have really flown the DC-10/MD-11 on a KC-10, Lufthansa Cargo, FedEx, and UPS. I’ll generally avoid older aircraft although I’m happy flying any aircraft in game. Hence why you’ll rarely see me in an A350 or B772 unless I’m doing a real flight. I look to explore the world, and personally it doesn’t matter what I use, as long as it’s the real aircraft and livery (if not I use Generic) then I’ll happily get on with the flight!

#20 by @Butter_Boi, What’s your favorite part about being CEO of WestJet Virtual?

I think it must be building your own community around you. From when I wake up go when I go to sleep I always see a new message or chat from the Slack. It’s great to know that I was one of the people who made this happen, like all my staff. It’s also great hearing the callsign in game, just to know that there are people out there that have joined my group, and are happily enjoying the environment around them,

Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to tune in on Monday for the next Question Thread. Bye!

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Thanks for answering my question @Ecoops123! Now I have some nice reading to do!

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Thanks @Ecoops123 . Sounds good.

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Got to know more about the best CEO I know :) Thanks for making WestJet virtual the best so happy i’m apart of this group. Great thread.

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Thanks. It means a lot to me as I’m always active on the community and checking up on the Slack every few hours I’m awake at minimum. I like to be here and help out all the people who fly alongside. 🙂♥️


Yay! You answers all 3? Of my questions! Thanks 😊


Thanks for answering @Ecoops123 :)
You’re the best CEO out there


*sigh. This is what happens when you mix up your two most favourite pilots 🙄😂

(Sarcasm. You’re all my favourite)


This is so so true.

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Came across a basketball thing on the first day though.


True, Banff is a gem.

I’m determined to return with a future ahead in Vancouver ❤


Ooh. Street ball. Did you watch the match?

A few minutes. Quite fun. But we shortly ran off since we had only really arrived, and dropped our bags off at our house, and just wanted to take a quick view around the central before moving off for dinner.

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Thank you for doing this and answering me, @Ecoops123! It’s cool to learn about fellow friends on the IFC. 😄

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No problem, that’s one of the reasons why I was happy to go ahead with this! It’s always great to bring s ckmuntiy that slight piece closer.

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That’s cool, I didn’t expect the a220-300! I feel that more people only know about the -100 variant and completely forget about the -300 😂

The A220-300 is used way more globally than just the A220-100 which main operator is Delta. Also behcase the -300 is a much more popular variant where I live in Europe, such as Air Baltic, Swiss, and even Aor France, which have ordered 50!

Type Ordered Delivered
A220-100 94 40
A220-300 548 73
Total 642 113

(April 2020 figures)

The main reason why I love the A220 is becuase I love Canada, and I love the company ‘Bombardier’. And of course when Airbus brought the potential rival off them they renamed it to the A220.


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