IFCI Interview With @Dubya

I have a very interesting interview today for you all! Though it’s a day late…whoops…It will still be great. @Dubya was the interviewee and he gave some awesome answers! Thanks to everyone who submitted answers!

1. What got you into IF and when? - @Altaria55
-I got into IF in 2012/2013 (cant exactly remember). I wanted a flight simulator but didn’t have a computer that would handle a sim, so Infinite Flight was the winner. I haven’t looked back since.

2. What hobbies do you have outside of aviation? - @Guxk
-I enjoy photography, playing instruments (piano, french horn, guitar, trumpet, and a few others). I travel 3-4 times a year to see Dave Matthews Band, which produces some great trips. Ive also recently found my way into cooking (Marco Pierre White, anyone?).

3. What is your favorite airport and why? - @anon87102400
-In IF, LSMM. My VO had a few missions here and it completley won me over. Gorgeous airport with very challenging terrain. In real life, KMEM.

4. Based off your profile picture: Do you believe in the completely true government conspiracy and cover up chemtrails? - @BobbyRobert
-What size tin foil hat do you wear?

5. Do you prefer Marxism, Leninism, Marxism–Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Libertarian-Marxism or do you go for the Non-Marxism versions like Anarcho-Communism or Christian Communism? And how would any of those systems affect the way of how you vote for feature requests? - @Marc

  • While I feel that it is irrelevant which socio-economic theory I endorse (we’re all just pawns, after all), once must be hesitant to apply any one to the purchase-for-play model of infinite flight. While it does lean capitalistic, our money has no purchasing power (we pay a lump sum for a product, with our money having no voice on the direction of production). So it would be unfair to use any of these ideals to choose which requests get a vote, as our vote seems to have little input in the first place.

6. What is your favorite airplane and why? - @SouthernDude
-The F14 Tomcat. Its the plane that got me into aviation from a very young age. I mean, come on, Top Gun, 4G inveted dives with Mig-28’s?? Tough to beat.

7. Do you like wild animals, say, foxes? - @HiFlyer
-Okay, here is the story behind the Fox profile picture. I was on my second or third Private Pilot flight lesson, headed out to preflight. Once I got close to the aircraft, I saw something moving inside of it, which I thought was a cat. Upon closer inspection, I realized a fox was in the aircraft and had come in through a window that was left open. The airplane was a Piper Cherokee, which only has one door on the right side, so when I opened the door to let the fox out, it hopped in the back cargo compartment to hide. Needing the flight, I called maintance to have them remove the animal and I hopped in the plane to turn on the lights to begin my walk around.
After a few minutes, the animal still wouldn’t come out so I was instructed to get back into the plane to kill the power and save the battery until the animal situation was handled. As i was in the left seat, with the right door open, the fox LEAPED from the cargo bin, used my shoulder as a spring board, bounced all over the dash, got spooked and returned to the cargo bay. I, on the other hand, moved like lightning, over all the seats and I don’t believe touched the wing on the way out. I was scratched up pretty good, and my shirt was ripped on the back. Everyone else thought it was hilarious, so while I was out on my flight, the story spread. By the time I returned, everyone was calling my “Foxy”, which has become my nickname and “callsign”, so to speak. If you go to my flight school, no one knows my name is Jordan, I’m only known as Foxy.
So there is the story.
(side note, i saved the ripped shirt and wore it on my checkride).

8. How has the IFC changed you as a person? - @Connor
I don’t think it has, which is okay. It has, though, been really cool so interact with so many aviation enthusiasts over the last few years.

9. Can you explain your name? And the pronouncation? - @The_Geniusman
Its a very southern pronouncation of “W”. My initials are JW, so in school people shortened it to just “W”. Being from Alabama, “dubya” is the way to spell a southern drawl.

10. What’s your favorite part about being a commander and having leadership responsibilities within GAF? Asking for a friend 😉. - @Asneed8706
The GAF community is the best group of people around. I joined having no responsibility and was welcomed with opened arms, which is the same with every new recruit. Because I valued the community so much, I had an interest in furthering and improving it.

Also, the drinks are way better in the commander’s lounge.


That fox story is pretty hilarious. Thanks for being a valuable member of IFC!


I really don’t know how @Marc comes up with those ridiculous questions! Otherwise, this was a great interview! Can’t wait to see who is next! hopefully me XD


Nobody knows…we just follow along with it and pretend we understand the question.


Great answers and great questions! Love ya dubya

Nice interview, @Xpira!

I actually had no clue on this one but really wanted to know prior haha. I imagined dub-a-ya. Now that I’ve said it, it will stick. :)

The kind that fits me. I know the government is watchng everything.


Way to much time, and a strange humor. Welcome in my life.


I can’t speak for Dubya but I wear a kids size xxxxs. I have figured out that it works better when it’s small. The only problem is it doesn’t stick on my head. I often have to flex seal it into my head.


Wow, I got selected. Surprising.

@Xpira I had foxes living in my backyard under my deck for about 4 years. Maybe they decided to come live with you.

I think you mean Dubya. I’m the interviewer not the interviewee.

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