IFCI Interview with @Delta350!

Interview with Delta350!

Interview Summary:
Welcome to the 4th and final stage of the interview for Delta350 This is where all the weird and odd questions that you have asked, comes into play!

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@Evan Question : Do you ever wonder what it’d be like if Delta wasn’t a thing? +What Airline would you chose if Delta wasn’t a thing?

Actually, yes I have!
If Delta was not a thing, than I would have chose whatever airline has a HUB in KATL, as that is my hometown airport.
Or else, I would have chosen KLM. It is the oldest airline in the world and it has a theme of my favorite color!

@hi15td Question : What is your favorite part about the community here on IFC?

I like the #lounge topics (;
In all seriousness, the “where is the a350” posts bring humor to my depressing High School day

@HiFlyer Question : What is your favorite GA aircraft that you have flown yet? Or one that you have not flown but would like to?

I would love to fly a TBM in real life, but however my favorite GA aircraft I have flown in is a Stinson 108

@N1DG Question : What are you training in for your PPL?

A Stinson-108 (;

@Yacht Question : Do you have a Delta a350 model aircraft?

Yes, it is a Skymarks 1:200 high-density plastic model!
I reccomend getting one if you haven’t already

@Marc Question : What’s your favorite code word in the NATO phonetic alphabet, beside Delta?

It is echo, as it is the second letter in Delta

@MrMrMan Question : _Do you prefer pineapples or just regular apples?* (Keep in mind, this can include Granny Smith, gala, Honeycrisp, Fuji, golden delicious, red delicious, and any other types of apples you may know of.)

I like Pineapples, especially in my pizza!
Apples are so disgusting and they hirt my teeth
But apple sauce is a gift from heaven!

@anon87102400 Question : What is your favorite aircraft besides a delta a350?

It has to be the Delta 757-20 with winglets!
It can takeoff real fast, and land so slow!
Also it is very comfortable to fly in!

@EthanT2 Question : What introduced you to IF?

I typed in “flight simulator” in the app store 6 years ago and downloaded X-Plane 9 and IF. X-Plane was just a onw time release app, but IF is always improving!

@Luke_Sta Question : Is your favorite airline delta or something else?

My favorite airlines is, as you guessed, DELTA!
This is because of their modern cabins, mood lighting, and commitment to installing IFE on new planes, unlike American 737 MAX. Also the uniforms are to DIE FOR!

@Connor Question : How has the Community Changed you as a person

Now i’m on my phone longer since I am a Regular
It made me develope typing skills, and socials skills when talking to strangers!

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LOL! @Delta350, great response, and thanks for choosing my question @Connor!


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