IFCI Interview with @Connor_Seymour

Hello community and welcome back to another IFCI interview! This time I was lucky enough to interview the owner of IFCI himself, @Connor_Seymour! So without further ado, enjoy the interview.

@Cbro4 - why did you choose to take over IFCI?

I didn’t actually decide to take over, how shocking. But instead, the old owner left very suddenly and handed it to me, because at the time I was Head Interviewer, as much as I loved it as Head Interviewer, I enjoy where I am now!

@Nate_Schneller - How has IFCI changed when you went in?

A lot, we’ve got a new website, logo Kinda in trouble from FDS about that, and a new discord server, this has all changed from the better to rid the old owner from the past, and move forward to bigger and better things

@George - What makes you to use “Chocolate” name in Discord? 😉

I needed a new name, and I was eating white chocolate at the time, and the name came to me. So that’s how I got the name chocolate

@Kirito_77 - Hotdogs. Controversial question, you know the rest…

Do I know the rest, I have no clue

@Josh - Why are you always injured? 😂

I’m always injured, falling down stairs, running into doors, being slapped across the face by my Ex, a lot of things injure me.

@Marc - Imagine you were a penguin that is able to fly. Now imagine that you’re flying over Kenia. You spot a Lion down there who incredibly thirsty. You also spot a water hole only one mile away from the lion. Would you land and tell him, or would you just continue to fly towards your penguin home in Lithuania?

I’d fly very low above him, tell him to keep going forward and then fly home.

@RedBulbBlueBlood9911 - (Joint Investigation by the CIA, FBI, CBI (India) and other government agencies) How many duplicate forms did you submit to get interviewed?

None, I just Pm’d one of my waiting interviewers, (@obsidianflyer) and told him if he wanted an interview, Interview me! I may have used Executive Power to push my interview in front of everyone else’s but that’s unrelated.

@Ryan_Vidad - What’s the main purpose you want to give out to the community about yourself.

I want people to know about me, my Bio is completely useless and is no help what so ever.

@Ishan_S - What’s your favorite update in infinite flight

My favorite update is Global, by far my favorite.

@Nashes - How did you find Infinite Flight and IFC?

Twas a dark night, I was scrolling through the depths of Google Play, wanting, hoping for find something for me to play, when I found it. - I was bored one day, found it and brought it. IFC, now all I did was go to the website and found it, kinda hesitant to make an account at first, but when I did, I loved it.

What advice would you have for new CEO’s of VA’s?

Well I’d keep pushing through, I’ve had 2 Va’s that were mildly successful, (Air New Zealand & FlyTasman), so keep trying, no matter how hard it gets. Also, the AKC annoys @schyllberg & @anon88794458 (Yes its gotten that bad) like 24/7

That’s all for this interview, put your thoughts and any further questions down below and stay tuned for the next one!


Nice Interview. Sorry if I didn’t awnser your question. But what did you expect


Did you honestly expect him to mention a different update?


Finally I’m fractured in these

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Long story. Pm me if you wanna find out @Josh

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I would think considering being a future FA for ANZ is a huge deal. No help what so ever? I can agree, a bio on a flight simulator forum might not land you a job as an FA for ANZ

  • Thank you for answering my question @Connor_Seymour
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Sad music plays in the background


That question was just a joke… I’m surprised it’s here.

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You’re a smart penguin. Here, you deserve a fish for dessert: <><


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