IFCI Interview With Chris Hoover


I’ve had the pleasure of working with @Chris_Hoover recently, but his interview was slightly delayed due to health reasons on Chris’s end. I imagine you’ll be glad to know that he is now recovering. Thanks to Chris to working with me through this rough patch to get all of his answers to your wonderful questions! I hope that everyone enjoys reading.

If you asked a question - thank you! If your question was chosen, your name is in parenthesis next to it. Some questions have been edited for length or content.

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye on IFCI for future interviews!

The Interview!

  1. How does it feel being married? (@Kaj)

Being married has got to be the best part of life. Having someone there for you by your side 24/7 that will support you in every way shape or form is just simply awesome.

  1. What was your favorite Star Wars scene in any of the movies? (@SimpleWaffles)

I have to say the Obi Wan vs Anakin battle in Revenge Of The Sith is my absolute favorite. It is no doubt the most intense battle in any Star Wars movie there is with over 10 straight minutes of the battle. A close second for me is the standoff between Kylo Ren and Luke in the Last Jedi.

  1. What’s the most peculiar case you’ve been on [while firefighting]? (@MrMrMan)

I’ve had quite a few interesting/life altering firefighting incidents that are just too much to tell in one interview. To put it simply… I almost have died in 2 firefighting accidents. Those are my most interesting cases.

  1. How is it in Connecticut compared to the Turks? (@Marcel_Wiecek)

Living in Turks and Caicos was an absolute dream, and I really do miss living there as well as the lifestyle I had. Connecticut is fine though, I am not complaining nor endorsing how much I like/dislike the state.

  1. How did you find this forum/Infinite Flight? (@Luke_Sta)

I can’t remember exactly how I found the forum, however, I’m pretty sure I was led to it by emailing the support team back in 2015. I found the community and now here we are, IFATC, regular, IFVARB member, I am sure glad I did find the forum!

  1. Are you excited to have a kid? (@VAnuj)

Yes I am definitely excited to have a kid but am a little skeptical about how it’s going to go only because this is my first one. I know it will be a challenge but it will be worth every penny!

  1. What happened at your worst ATC session? (@Kaj)

My worst atc session was at Geneva, where I almost vectored @DeerCrusher into a mountain. (Sorry 😬) It just so happened that I misread an approach chart so mountains weren’t showing up where I thought they were and vice versus. But I feel like I have been doing a good job keeping a good record of atc sessions that have gone really well.

  1. What do you most look forward to on the IFC AND Infinite Flight? (@natedog508)

When on the IFC, I look forward to a globally pinned announcement saying what’s coming to the app or what has just been released! I also look forward to chatting with some of the folks on here I regularly talk to as well as some new ones. 🙂
As for the actual sim, I can’t wait until the Concorde is added so I can fly very fast from point a to point b.

  1. How much does your wife dislike Infinite Flight now on a scale of 1 - 10,000? (@Adam_Williams)

My wife doesn’t mind me flying, but when I’m controlling and need to complete the hour, that’s when she dislikes me using the sim 100%.

  1. How relieved were you when you passed your approach test? (@BluePanda900)

I was SO relieved because it took me quite a while as many of you know. But yeah we don’t need to go into details about how long.

Thank you for reading, and I along with the whole IFCI Team are sending wishes for a speedy recovery to Chris.


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Great job guys! Thanks for the amazing Interview.

Hope everything goes well on your end Chris :)

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That is cool! I also live in CT.

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Great job, thanks for featuring my question!
@Chris_Hoover, I wish you a speedy recovery, good luck in the future. :)


Great interview!
I continue to hope you get better ASAP. Thanks for serving your community as a firefighter! Oh I also hope that the bills dont become a huge PITA

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One of my favorite interviews thus far! Thanks for mentioning my question! Feel better Chris, I’m hoping for ya man.


@chris_hoover DA IT WAS AT MILAN 😡


Great job guys! That puts me at… probably 104th on the waiting list now. Progress! ;)

Wishing Chris a speedy recovery as always!

And Deer wasn’t the only one…


Great interview! Nice to see one of the greatest leaders of AAV getting interviewed! :D

Get well soon…


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