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I am delighted to welcome you to this IFCI Interview with Spirit Virtual CEO and JetPhotos spotter @Cameron_Stone. We here at IFCI would like to thank @Cameron_Stone for allowing us to interview him, and without further ado, here are the answers:

What is your favorite aircraft and livery to fly in IF?
By @EthanT2

Aircraft is a hard one. I used to love the 787, but since the updated flight model I’ve been resorting to the 737 more and more. So I’ll go with that (737, -800 specifically) for narrowbody, 787 (-9) for widebody. Livery would have to be American’s standard livery.

What inspired you to become a member of JetPhotos?
By @Delta319

Great question. Originally it was just because everyone else was doing it. Now it’s to improve my photography and get my name out there as aviation photography is something I can see myself doing for a long time and hopefully it gets me some unique opportunities. Plus it’s an easy way to brag ;)

What do you love best about plane spotting?
By @Dylan_M

It’s so hard to pick one thing. I love spending time with and around planes. Photographing them just shows “hey I was there and I saw this and that was a fun day” as well as provides a good way document travels and things like that. There is just something special about photography that I can’t put into words. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Also, there is a huge community built around it which makes it so much better.

What is your dream IF feature that you would like to see implemented and why?
By @Declan_O

Man that’s a hard one. I would say working instruments, but we have that now (yay) so I can move on to that. I would say an interactive cockpit. The ability to pull the gear lever yourself, flick the landing lights on, and deploy the flaps with the handle if you wanted to. I wouldn’t remove the interface we have now, but that would be something I would love to have in the game, and put it against X-Plane (specifically X-Plane Mobile) and other high-quality simulators.

If you could add any livery to any aircraft in the sim, what would it be?
By @JacksonAviation

American AirCal 737. Most beautiful livery in their fleet. Hard to pick just one as there are so many I would love to see, especially in Europe.

As you’re the CEO of Spirit Virtual, here’s my question for you:
To see the question, please pay $9.99 through the newly added credit card terminal installed in your phone.*
By @Marc

Seems someone didn’t hear about the $49.99 terrible joke fee.

Which one of your spotting pictures that you’ve uploaded onto JetPhotos is your favorite one?
By @Captain_JR

Qantas A380 silhouette with the clouds behind. I was so happy when I took it and the success I had on the website has amazed me. It’s my most viewed currently and I don’t see that changing just yet.

Any tips for aspiring spotters?
By @AndrewWu

Practice and experiment. Find the style you like, and work with different cameras and setups to find what suits you best. Uniqueness is something I personally cherish and strive to maintain, and I feel it should be the same for everyone. It takes time though. I’ve been at it for 2.5 years and still have plenty to learn 😂

What sparked your ambition to open Spirit VA and continue on with it?
By @CR3W

If I’m being 100% honest, I originally picked it because I wanted to make a VA and it was the only one with liveries in the game that I could find. On further research, I found them to have a really interesting route map, and as the A320 series is one of the most up-to-date in the game, I figured it would be a nice chance to do some realistic and fun flying.

Out of all the updates that Infinite Flight has gone through, which one is your favorite and why?
By @BigBert10

I gotta say the MD-11. While I admittedly voted for the A350, the enhancements that the MD-11 and DC-10 brought to the game were amazing. It is a fun bird to fly as a cargo aircraft or as a throwback with passengers, and the only widebody to date with the new flight model so I gotta take advantage of that 😂

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