IFCI Interview with @BluePanda900!

Hello community and welcome to the first ever IFCI interview under the new ownership of @Connor_Seymour. I was privileged enough to interview IFVARB member and Community Regular @BluePanda900! Without further ado, here is the interview:

@Schyllberg - Why blue? Heck, why even Panda? Why Blue Panda? And why 900? Tell us!

Well, as I’ve explained before, the answer is quite boring. My favorite color is blue and my favorite animals are pandas. Originally, my username ended in 90, to match my GameCenter login (90 was the only multiple of 10 that wasn’t taken following the words “Bluepanda”). I proceeded to forget my password here and create another account. Because I am a very creative person, I just added an extra zero to the name. Voila!

@Dush19 - On a scale of Bluepanda to Dushyanth, how amazing is Dushyanth?

He’s @ewanfleming

@Redbulbblueblood9911 - What’s the annoys-you-because-you’re-an-AvGeek:doesn’t-annoy-you-even-though-you’re-an-AvGeek ratio of you class/neighbourhood?

I don’t talk much about planes to my friends. IF is just a hobby.

@Marc - If you were a sparrow, and all the other sparrows would have died because of a terrible plague, would you rather become an eagle or a Tupolev TU-143?

Probably an eagle. TU-143 is too old for me. ('Murica ftw)

@Gman - What would you like to see in a upcoming update?

Pretty long wishlist on my end, but I think taxiway lights would be the highest on my list. Flying in night is boring without them. I’d also love to see terrain back in the ATC map. Lastly, I think some integration for VAs would be pretty cool. Obviously, I have some livery requests, including the Royal Air Brunei 787, new Air Canadas and the new UA/AA liveries on the E-Jets. Another thing I think would be cool to see would be some more GA aircraft, like the PC-12.

@kylen15 - On a scale of 1 to schyllbergs beard, How amazing is DLVA and why?

It’s one of the best VAs around ;)

@Misterbutler - Would you kiss @dush19 and receive $1000 everyday for the rest of your life?

No. Just no.

@Connor_Seymour – What are your favourite and least favourite topics?

Favourite topics – Actually useful tutorials that help people learn. @Tim_B, @JoshFly8, etc. truly put out some great stuff for people to see and learn from.
Least favourite topics – The random list topics like “What’s your favourite brand of tire”.

@Kate_Russell - Which do you like more, hamburgers or hotdogs?

I wouldn’t know, I’m actually a vegetarian.

@GolferRyan – How bad was the worst VA you’ve seen submitted?

I’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff – trust me. Probably the VA that had a website saying that their free trial had expired, rendering it unusable.

Would you rather Work for NORAD or Work for NASA?
SpaceX 😛.
Probably Nasa. Would be cool to go to Mars someday.

That’s all for today folks! I hope that this interview has given you guys out there a better understanding of the Blue Panda. Keep on the lookout for more IFCI interviews just like this one!

Peace - IFCI Interviewer @obsidianflyer


Never in a million years would I assume your a vegetarian…


That made me laugh! 😂 Tell me that’s a real thing.

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So Sens beard …

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Nice interview. Keep 'em coming.

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This was a very comical matter! Lol
Funnies interview yet!

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Now this is an interesting and funny interview! Sad @dush19

Glad I could learn more about Blue :)

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Wow look @dush19 Blue just gave you a big compliment

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