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@Balloonchaser is well known for leading the very successful Infinite Flight General Aviation club, and for holding the extremely popular Core-6 events between some of the biggest VAs in Infinite Flight. He has very kindly chosen 10 questions to answer for us. Hope you guys enjoy, and thank you for all the support so far with IFCI. Have a safe and happy Halloween all!

What sports do you play? (@anon87102400)

I am a Hot Air Balloon Student Pilot (Yes, It is a sport), I enjoy sailing, I like to go out running, and I somewhat enjoy shooting hoops with a basketball (I don’t like the sport personally)… Oh, I like skating as well (Hockey is descent but I’m not good skating with a stick)

Hey Balloon (Jack)! What is your favorite part about the IFGAC and what would you have done differently in it’s early days? (@MrMrMan )

The IFGAC is an amazing creation if I do say so myself… I feel like it’s just a really fun space to talk and fly.
If I was to change something about it, I would have to say that I would have fooled around a bit more with VAM and Phpvms websites.

What do you love about the IFC? (@Connor)

The Infinite Flight Community is a great place indeed… The fact that you can have so many people have fun around a great aviation simulator app is amazing… We have amazing moderators and even better regular community members like @Transport_Hub, @RTG113, @Nathan, and many others that I have gotten to know and have a good time with.

What’s the highest altitude you’ve reached in a balloon? (@ServerGhost)

I’ve only reached about 5,000 ft. The record currently stands at 69,850 ft by Vijaypat Singhania of Russia.

There’s the Italian saying „ Al povero mancano tante cose, all’avaro tutte. “ which basically can be translated to „ The poor man is lacking many things, the greedy man all. “ Who do you think is the greedy man in Infinite Flight? The player who does not like what the developer adds to the game, or the developer who doesn’t add what the player likes? (@Marc)

I have a very strong stance on this as with the addition of the TBM-930 we saw a lot of rude and selfish people bash FDS for their choice and whatnot… Just look at the TBM now - One of everyone’s favorite aircraft’s and is one of the top aircraft’s flown in the month… People just have to be accepting and be grateful for great updates that get provided to us.

Is your balloon also Powered By Liveflight with

Oh Boy Do I Love Liveflight

emblazoned on the side? (@Kirito_77)

I currently do not have my own hot air balloon… But when I do, I might have to reach out to @Cameron.

Do you wish balloons were in IF? (@anon87102400)

Ummmm… Yeah! I’ve begged Laura numerous times and a long feature request may or may not be in the early works.

What is your favorite airline and airport? (@WestJet737767)

Airline: Air Canada Rouge or KLM Dutch Airlines… I can’t choose
Airport: TNCM

Where did your love for balloons come from? (@Ishan_S)

I was getting breakfast at a Lucky’s during a balloon festival and then we chased a balloon till it landed and we helped pack up… It’s been history from there.

Do you like talking… a lot? (@dush19)

Funny question there Dushy… I sometimes like to start conversations or continue them as lets be honest here, we are sitting on this community/slack for some type of action (whether it be a conversation or something bigger - still action). I have also received feedback from a certain group (IFATC) and you can let me know the improvement that you have seen in the past 3 months kiddo. ;)

PS: For those who think that a hot air balloon is a normal helium balloon… Here you go.


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Exclusive Ballooning (UK)

Thank you for reading, and for the questions!


Awesome interview!


IFCI Apologises for the delay


Happy to see my question! Good interview!
I don’t know if @2003iggy chose my question cause it was a legitimate question or because he’s my friend lol

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We choose randomly, not based on personal past or opinions. We choose what we think is best!

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I was joking @Connor lol

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