IFCI Interview with @BalloonChaser

Hello all and welcome back to another interview
This week we featured @Balloonchaser
Here are the best 20 questions from the question thread - Enjoy!

Note: If your question was not answered below and you would like a response, just PM @Balloonchaser for your answer

Question 1: Submitted by @Connor

Do you do much balloon chasing?

I am not only a “Balloonchaser” but I am also a Student Hot Air Balloon Pilot! I fly more than chase. Both are really fun!

Question 2: Submitted by @JDE1303

Why do you like balloons? What draws you towards them?

Balloons are so majestic! You are just floating in the air in the hands of Mother Nature! It defies the saying of “You Can Fly!”

Question 3: Submitted by @BigBert10

Why do some people call you JackBot?

JackBot was started by our good #Regular friends! Check #lounge and that’s where it started! People call me that as I literally am a “bot”. I pump out quality topics (their words not mine) and also was the first to give help in #support.

Question 4: Submitted by @BigBert10

How much French do you speak? Because I see you and your French when you host ACVA events.

I speak 75%ish “fluent” French. I use that on our events as many people on this community speak French and Canada speaks French (Canadian French) so it fits perfectly!

Question 5: Submitted by @Seanhickey465

What drew you towards joining Acva, surely your busy enough?

I joined ACVA as they needed an Events Manager and I enjoy making quality events!

Question 6: @Chief305

Why do most of your posts contain big bold letters like


Is it necessary for the extraness?

It is necessary for the extraness! But it catches people’s attention which is what is needed when there is over 4000 photos in a photo thread or when there is a big announcement (need to get the point through)

Question 7: Submitted by @Josh_H

What do you enjoy about Infinite Flight and it’s community the most?

I enjoy how Infinite Flight and the Community is like a family! Everyone communicates “nicely” and we all chat with each other EVERYDAY!

Question 8: Submitted by @natedog508

Favorite airline and favorite plane

The Bombardier Global Express is my favorite plane and if I had to choose an airline, It would be Qantas or British Airways! :)

Question 9: Submitted by @Kirito_77

Why makes you obsessed with a wicker basket, a huuuuge flamethrower 1m above your head and absolutely no control?

I spend time wondering this…

Balloons are so pretty and majestic and attract a lot of attention! But the wicker basket is very stable and secure and the “flamethrower” AKA the Burner is a fun thing! Mother Nature is my control but there are some ways that I can have control (that will be explained in a topic that I will be posting in a week or so). The most dangerous part is the propane tanks and landing around power lines (can be avoided)

Question 10: Submitted by @Tim_B

How long do you have to search to find a thread you’re not in?

I think there’s a descent amount of topics that I’m not in… If you want to go count, that’s your funeral. But I try to remain active yet on task while responding to topics. My favorite kind of topics to view are #real-world-aviation or #announcements! That’s where you will usually find me! :)

Question 11: Submitted by @Justin0623

What is your favorite place to fly to in infinite flight

St. Maarten is my go to place!

Question 12: @Josh_H

What would you give to get the devs to add a hot air balloon to IF?

I have said that I am up to find a way to make it, skin it and model it myself! I would give anything to get the Hot Air Balloon Added (Laura?)

Question 13: @Ryan_Vidad

What social aspect of this community impacted your decision to start hosting events and contributing to Virtual Airlines.

Virtual Airlines came over time with me, but my events were prompted by the kindness of the people who helped me create my event format that I use now!

Question 14: @Nate_Schneller
How has being in the community forum shaped you?

The community has really helped me communicate with people as I’m Home Schooled (Acting Classes I do go to though)

Question 15: @Delta319

What was the funniest moment you experienced on IF?

The funniest moment had to be KNUC TS1 Pre-Global

Question 16: @Etrain

You call yourself a “Child actor”. Have you acted in any films, etc?

I am indeed still a child and Yes I have acted in films and voice overs

Question 17: @Chris_S

What is your favorite VA that is not yours? (Leaves about 3)

I’d say AFKLM or VirtualBlue.

Question 18: @Transport_Hub

Why do you like Bristol so much and how did you come to find the place or visit? It’s not usually the first place that comes to mind for people to visit when they travel to the U.K.

I came to Bristol for a Balloon Festival (Bristol Balloon Fiesta)! I was in Scotland and Ireland so it kind of just worked :)

Question 19: @Chatta290

Why aren’t you an IFC Regular?

Why aren’t I? I was at one point but was a bit stupid and posted a stupid but funny #support topic about how KLAX ATC don’t listen on TS1 and I got rightfully demoted from regular (totally understandable). But Tyler - I would love to become a regular again if the opportunity presents itself! :)

Question 20: @Chris_S

Many times you have told me in confidence that Joe is your favorite moderator. Can you explain why?

I like Joe but I don’t think he likes me… Currently I like all of the mods but @anon88794458 has been there for me during everything and he was the one who turned me into an IFATC. I can’t thank Sam enough.

Hope you enjoyed this interview
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Wow this is a long post. Good questions and answers. Good Interview


This has to be my favorite interview, somehow turned those rude comments into something positive. 🙂


Another great interview, Bravo!


I wish @Balloonchaser good luck on this.


On question 19:

That’s something I wanted to know. Like me, I have been through past mistakes or have done stupid stuff whether the significance is big or small (one nearly caused me to leave the community altogether, but I shall not discuss it further), but I came back a stronger man because I learned from them. Honestly, I wish you still were a regular. You’ve done quite well in here. 👍🏻


@Balloonchaser What films!? I’m determined to find you

@Balloonchaser Can you tell us what films you’ve acted in? I’m interested to see. Any big productions for big name companies?

EDIT: I just realized now @GolferRyan beat me to the question…

I can tell you before he tells you. You won’t get much out of him. I’ve tried too hahaha.

You can back me up in this balloon ;)


I already got the PM haha 😂

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Your’e a Regular? Lol. Nice interview regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I was a regular… sigh 😂

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He told me since he doesnt want his face revealed yet

My face won’t be revealed on this community ever ;)

Looking forward to this topic from @Balloonchaser.


Well that topic may have gotten pushed back a month or two… Maybe July… xD


Question: when is this even coming out!?

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