IFCI Interview with Art Martinez

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I had the privilege of interview @art_martinez for Infinite Flight Community Interview. Below is the questions and answers from our interview!

@RTG113 :What inspired you to create IFAE?
I created IFAE once I became an air traffic controller and noticed the headaches that some of my fellow IFATC controllers were going through with pilots that were not listening or didn’t belong on expert server (advanced server back then). I thought to myself “what if i can create a group where we thoroughly test each candidate to ensure they are 100% up to date with all IF procedures and every time a controller see’s them in the air or inbound, they have piece of mind knowing that they are going to 100% follow all instructions”. We started with the known pilots, roughly 3, flew spaced out and our flying technique eventually attracted pilots alone to join.

@Matthew_Chan:How did you get involved with IF?
I got involved with IF looking through different flight sim apps. Got really interested in fighter jet sims but could never really find anything that would bring out realism like iF did. I found IF one day and the rest was history from there.

@Andre_S:Have you ever had plans about a career in aviation?
As a kid i always had a thing for airplanes but never pursued a career in aviation due to my family’s background with business. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I really started to circle back on the though of getting involved. More than anything if i could rewind time i would attend school to be an air traffic controller. The “dream” in my personal preference would be to be an approach controller at LAX since they always fly over the right downwind leg for 24/25. To a point where i can time they’re exact turn and almost guess their heading. If you ever fly into LAX on IF and i’m on approach, it’s pretty much as close as you’ll get to the procedures in real life.

@Nate_Schneller: What is like being an ATC Supervisor?
Being an ATC supervisor has been phenomenal so far. I think one thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that every ATC supervisor we have spends a tremendous amount of time doing a variety of tasks to help not only grow our current team of controllers but also to ensure that the quality of service provided (even after they have joined) remains up to par with the standards that we have. I personally have had the privilege of seeing individuals go from pilots, to tower controllers to finally approach controllers. It’s always nice to see that all the practice some of them do finally pays off.

@Chris_S: What advice would you give to new controllers who are thinking about joining IFATC?
The number 1 advice I would give anyone looking to join IFATC is to first of all do some research on what each command means and it’s purpose of it. The second thing i recommend is to look at every tutorial that is available including “the perfect ATC test” which can be found on youtube. Last but not least, fly some patterns around an airport that isn’t necessarily packed but busy enough to hear how some of the current controllers use commands as well as how they handle traffic. The most important thing is to remain calm and know that you have all the available resources to make any scenario work.

@tomthetank:What do you do when you are not running IFAE?
When i’m not running IFAE, I’m usually helping out with GAF which is IFAE"s military division or IFATC controlling. Aside from IF itself when i’m not online i’m working on different business ventures.

@N1DG:If you could meet Ryan or myself, who would it be and why?
That’s a tough one, essentially i’d like to meet both of you. Just feels like a missing piece if i only get to meet one of you. But since you guys are making me choose, i’d meet up with Ryan just because i’ve spoken with him the most from back in the days when i first started using IF.

@schyllberg:What is the hardest thing about being an IFFG admin?
The hardest part of being an IFFG admin is helping keep the quality of the posts on the wall informative. Contrary to the belief that it’s a place where you can post meme’s, rate your landings or go on a rant about your atc experience, it’s really not the direction we want to go. We’ve since added 4 new moderators to the team that have done a phenomenal job in the couple of weeks that they’ve been with us. Essentially our goal is to have more quality posts that new and existing pilots can view to help with their experience on the sim. This includes things as simple as “the difference between departure and remaining in the pattern”, a guide to step climbing, etc. Things that can actually make an impact and not just crack a joke.

@The_Geniusman:What did you want to be when you were a child and how does that dream affect you today?
When i was a kid I wanted to be a pilot. As far as how it impacts me now? Well i’m using the sim almost every day if i’m not having anything personal going on. It’s also pretty awesome to pull out my Flightradar24 app and tell someone "I bet you i know how high that plane is, where it’s coming from and how fast it’s going.

@Balloonchaser:What is your favorite vacation destination and what makes it so wonderful?
Favorite vacation destination is tough given that i haven’t really traveled a lot outside of the US. But, Vegas is only a 45 minute flight from LA and as frequently as I visit, they usually do a good job of making sure i come back even after taking all my money at the craps and blackjack table.


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