IFCI - Interview with ACVA President natedog508


Welcome to the Official Interview for Air Canada Virtual’s President, @natedog508!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who sent in their questions for Nate, we’re sure he enjoyed answering them, and we can’t wait to bring you more Interviews soon. (Hope you enjoy the new format for IFCI!)

What was your inspiration/goal with ACVA?
Asked by @Declan_O

When I was brought on the team by the Ex President, @Seanhickey465, to be his Deputy in the creation stage, our goal was to make a welcoming and active VA. When I was given the duty to take over the VA,. I strived, and still am aiming to be an extremely welcoming and active VA! Which we are doing our best to do and I’m always in awe to see the improvement of the VA day by day!

How does it feel to have CR3W as your boss?
Asked by @Connor

CR3W has been amazing. This is the one place I call him boss and there is one place he calls me boss. We’re even, and have formed an amazing friendship!

What is your favorite part of being the owner of ACVA?
Asked by @Dylan_M

I’ve never thought of this… I don’t really have a favourite but if I had to choose one of the things I enjoy about running it, it would be seeing this community on a daily basis communicate and fly. It shows that I am doing something right!

Butter or grease?
asked by @The_Geniusman

Can you grease bread? I don’t think so… Sry DeerCrusher

At what speeds should planes be at on downwind and base for approach?
Asked by @Adam_Macaulay

If they are any less than 400kts on downwind/base, they’re getting a ghost! Just the way I learned from tomthetank :)

Would you rather be a pilot or Air traffic controller?
Asked by @IF_Aviation1

Depends… In the game I actually really enjoy being ATC. It’s rewarding knowing how many people you make happy, or not happy, within such a short amount of time!

Who let the dogs out?
Asked by @Marc

I can’t say… Secret :) but it was me

What made you join IF?
_Asked by @Gabe_Z

I found the game when I was looking for aviation games to play on my phone. Little did I know that the game would become what it is today. I played back when we didn’t even have New York as a region in like early 2013! I played on and off, then live came out in August of 2014 and then I became super active. However, right when the A320 update came out in November of 2015 i had to take a break and I would say it was too long! I ‘rejoined’ in September of 2017, just under 2 years of me not playing. That is when I started really playing the game full time and started getting super involved!

What is your favourite part about working towards being a pilot? :)
Asked by @MrMrMan

Slowly seeing my flight time going up knowing that I am so excited over a few hours and then in 10+ years I’ll be super excited to get 5+ every time I fly! I also like knowing that I am doing something now that I will be doing for the rest of my life, or till im 65 :)

Have you ever thought of having a subsidiary of Air Canada Virtual?
Asked by @CR3W

I have thought about making Air Canada Jazz or Rouge as a subsidiary as they are in our fleet. But none of those plans actually went into motion. But who knows, maybe something will come out in the future


I’ve started playing Infinite Flight in the Summer of 2016, when I was 12 Years old. My first Aircraft I ever flew on in IF was the 737-700 in the WestJet Livery.

I need the truth data! Haha when did you start playing IF? 😂🙈

Nice to read and learn about friends of IFC, nice work IFCI and special thanks to Cr3w for answering so well!

Haha great job nate!

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