IFCI Interview With @2003iggy - Answers

Hello IFC! Welcome to the answer thread for IFCI. For my first interview, I had the chance to interview @2003iggy, one of the regulars (TL3) on IFC and CEO of the newly approved Finnair Virtual.


We are now in the fourth and final stage of interviews where I show you guys the questions that you asked and @2003iggy’s answers to those questions. Sorry for the delay in this answer thread getting posted. Finals are right around the corner and I am finding myself stressed out about it. I’m getting stress and anxiety at the same time and let me tell you: it’s not fun.

Anyways, let’s get on with the questions and answers! :D

  1. What is your favorite airline and aircraft? (@Alvaro25)

My favourite airline is either SAS or Finnair, my favourite aircraft is probably the A320 or the A350 (yes @Finley_Baverstock, the A350).

  1. What is your favorite part about being an IFATC? (@EthanT2)

This might seem weird, but it is honestly the stress for me, there is just something about it that gives me relief from everyday life. helping out my fellow pilots is also a great bonus. Thanks to @Brandon_Sandstrom for putting up with me throughout the process.

  1. What made you want to open up Finnair Virtual? (@Joseph_Krol) Why Finnair? (@Yacht) How hard was it to get Finnair virtual approved? (@anon11948201)

Well, I wished to open it after years of flying with them from London - Helsinki. There is something about that sense of Nordic purity that gets me every time. It was quite hard to get it approved, but it is for sure worth the struggle (cheers to @BluePanda900and @Dylan_Bright).

  1. Explain your username. (@callum5124)

I honestly do not remember mate, it was my google user-name and it got used here. ツ

  1. Assuming that you are a football fan, since you live in London, which club do you support and why?(@Narruto_Mieumieu)

SW6, Blue is the colour, Football is the game. or Chelsea for you sad, unknowing people. @21cabbage, @Adam_Williams, converts from Manchester United and Liverpool respectively are always welcome ;)

  1. What is the route what you like most to fly in Infinite flight? (@Alvaro25)

London Heathrow - Bergen, Norway (EGLL - ENBR) - such a beautiful route, and the winds always make it lively.

  1. What does the Community mean to you? (@callum5124)

I could go on for an eon, but to sum up, it is a sense of family and togetherness.

  1. Why is your father the Inflatable Autopilot? (@Dylan_M)

Ahhh that is a secret between my father and me, you will never know echo, echo, echo ;)

  1. Sum up your life in a few keywords. (@callum5124)

Stressy, lively, hectic, exciting.

  1. Do you prefer waffles or pancakes? (@WestJet737767)

That’s gotta be waffles mate, any day, but good waffles are hard to get in London :( if anyone knows any good waffle places in south-west London give me a shout ;)

Thanks for reading. It was a pleasure interviewing @2003iggy. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

Now time to study for finals. :(

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Cool answers but Bert

This just dampens the mood

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@2003iggy glad you think like that regarding Football! What does the SW6 mean your answer?

Read the covered up part ;)

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