IFCI Interview Question Thread with Balloonchaser

Hello IFC,

Welcome to the question thread for one of the IFC’s most well-known members, @Balloonchaser. This thread will have the purpose for you IFC members to ask him some questions about his IF, IFC and real life experiences or things he has seen.

Want some more information on @Balloonchaser?
Go ahead and click onto his profile to view some more info and be able to ask him some cool and exciting questions.
Additionally, just ask any member of the IFC, everyone knows him 😏

Please remeber to make appropriate questions because @Balloonchaser and myself have the option to void any questions we see as inappropriate or repeat questions. Please no excessive Core-6 questions.

We are currently on the second step of his interview process.

Interview Process

1. Stages Already Completed

Ask permission for person to be interviewed by the IFCI interviewer.

2. Current Stage

Open up question thread for IFC members to ask him some questions.

3. Stages to Come

Pick 10 questions in conjunction with @Balloonchaser, and ask him to answer them.

4. Final Stage

Open answer thread and complete his interview.

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Let the Questions Begin!

Do remember that any inappropriate or off topic replies will be flagged and not answered. Any inside jokes please say so when replying.


Have you ever tried to fly with a bunch of party balloons?

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Why jackbot?


Any advice for aspiring balloonists? What is the hardest to you in the balloon flight?


What would you be doing if you were not chasing balloons?

What do you like the most about chasing balloons?

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Did you ever try chassing any balloons?

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Do you like trains

How did you find the IFC?

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@Balloonchaser Bruh, do you even lift?


Do you like talking… a lot?


Do you like balloons?

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How many balloons have you chased as in 10/22/18?

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@Balloonchaser what sports do you play?

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Where did your love for balloons come from

Hey Balloon (Jack)! What is your favorite part about the IFGAC and what would you have done differently in it’s early days?

Hey Jack! What is your favorite aircraft, both IRL, and in Infinite Flight?

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I’m not part of IFCI, but may I suggest to avoid asking duplicate questions, IFC folks can reference this…unless something has changed in 6 months…


What is your favourite airline and airport? please be CYYC and the 737 max

What movies/shows have you been in?
FUN FACT: I am in Stranger Things