IFCI Interview Answer Thread with @CR3W

Hello IFC,

Welcome to the one and only @Evan answer thread from all of the questions you guys asked. This is the first interview since our Christmas Break at IFCI and were happy to be able to do it with our IFCI CEO CR3W.

CR3W is an amazing person who has grown through the IFC ranks to become a staff member at ACVA, CEO of IFCI, an IFATC Specialist, and a regular on the forum. So eith all of this we were able to get some good questions and answers for you guys so here they are.

Now to the Questions and Answers

@Natedog508 Question

What brought you to the ACVA and what drove you to stay and ultimately become a member of staff?

I was part of a little Instagram VA that was Air Canada, at this time I didn’t know too much about IFC nor did I ever think about #live:va. ACVA came as a shock to me as I was use to a DM and not a full on Slack.
After getting use to my new home, (which it still is to this day) I got to meet the friendly Staff Team. Mainly Owen.
I helped with Logging flights for the other members, and it wasn’t long after that, a spot opened for Staff. I decided that I would apply for DP, although the spot was taken, I was given the choice of Flight logger, which I happily took.
It’s been almost a year now since I’ve joined. To this day… I’m still happy to be where I am

@Trevor_A Question

What's your favorite thing maple syrup or watching Deer crash?

I only like Maple Syrup on Pancakes and waffles, so calm down. And seeing Deer crash is always fun because he’s always in denial of it.

@Gabe_Z Question

What is your Aviation goal?

My Aviation Goal would have to be a Pilot with Air Canada, most likely Jazz Aviation as they fly more regional routes.

@Bigbert10 Question

What prompted you to open up IFCI again after the old one closed?

I decided to open it up again after the old one closed as I felt… kinda empty. I always enjoyed the formatting aspect of Topics etc, so I decided that I could bring it back for the enjoyment of the Interviewers, IFC Members + more.

@Kate_Russell Question

Is takeoff or landing your Favorite? And why?

Takeoff, only because my Landings hurt my eyes.

@Declan Question

What's is your dream feature you would like to see be added into IF and why?

I would love to see Weather, like Rain, clouds etc. Flying in it world be so cool!

@Gabe_Z Question

Why did you join the IFC?

Honestly I could not tell you how I even found that IFC as it was a lot longer than my brain can remember, but now that I’m here, I’m happy I did come!

@The_Geniusman Question

Why did you change your name to butter my landings


@Kind9624 Question

Why is Deercrusher Bae?


@Trevor_A Question

Why did you join IFATC and how much have you enjoyed it so far?

@Trio and ATCEG was what really pushed my ambition to join IFATC. I always wanted to join it, but never thought I’d make it. It’s really nice to have more control over Pilots and influence what they do with the power of a simple ghost. It’s been fun ever since I joined in September.

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That’s so nice and it made my day! Glad I/we could help. Nice interview! :)


Great interview and thanks for answering my question!


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