IFCI - Infinite Flight Community Interviews | 2019 Edition



We’re IFCI, and we’re here for one reason, and one reason only - to Interview Community Members! We have quite a friendly environment, we like to have fun, but at the same time are very professional.

Back in the beginning of 2018, IFCI was opened using a communication Discord. After a closure back in August, we (The Team) have decided to bring back IFCI (Infinite Flight Community Interviews) for the Members enjoyment!

We here at IFCI love what we do, and couldn’t ask for a better Community than the IFC!


At the IFCI, we only choose the best and passionate staff members to join our team.

Currently we’re made up of seven individuals from different backgrounds across the globe all forming to create the best possible interviews for you, a member of the one and only Infinite Flight Community

Check out our team below:

Staff Team

COO - @Connor
Chief of Interviews - @rileymoyer
Chief Techincal Officer - @KaiM


Interviewer - @BigBert10
Interviewer - @2003iggy
Interviewer - @Natedog508
Interviewer - @Trevor
Interviewer - @Thomas
Interviewer - @Plane-Train-TV
Interviewer - @Xpira

Here at the IFCI, we aim to create the best quality interviews possible for the Infinite Flight Community!

Check out our latest interview and question thread below:

The Latest Question Thread

Our latest Interview features an IFC Member, DasMarc

Check it out below:

IFCI - Submit Questions For IFC Member DasMarc

The Latest Interview

IFCI Interview with CR3W

Link to it is below:

IFCI Interview Answer Thread with @CR3W

Special thanks to @Darpan for the logos and more!


Enjoying the New Thread!


Nice lookin thread and I hope the future holds a lot for you guys!


Conducting Interview Change. Important Announcement

Hello IFC!

Some MAJOR news from IFCI today. We will be conducting interviews twice a week.

Question Threads will now be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, with Answer Threads being posted 6 days later.

This does mean interviews will be severely delayed. IFCI apologizes for the inconvenience. Everyone who has accepted an interview will now be contacted regarding new interview times. This will severely impact operations for the next week or so as we get settled.

All Interviews timetables for the next few days will halt while we move between this. Thanks for your cooperation.

Interviewer Resignation

Unfortunate news that our long time, and original team member, @Trevor_A will be leaving us after his interview with @CR3W.

Trevor has been with us since the start and he will be dearly missed.

Any interviews with Trevor will be reassigned to other interviewers.


While we are on this topic.

IFCI will be going though some updates.

SO we want you, the IFC. To submit your thoughts on this form, so we know what we can change, and what we can add/remove.


Glad to see yalls are still going strong!

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The way you put that makes it sound like CR3W made Trevor_A leave😕

He left on his on accord


@ConnorWhat would it take to be a Interviewer for IFCI?

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Hold your horses, he hadn’t mentioned anything about hiring. Wait until the application form is released.

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That’s an application only position that’s sometimes released In pretty sure😉

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IFCI Applications aren’t open currently. We have a sufficient number of interviews. We aren’t currently planning to hire in the near future.
However, if we were to be opening applications there would be a pre-determined set of requirements that an applicant would have to follow.

Hopefully this answers your question,


Hey everyone!

Our wonderful Connor, the second hand has decided that he needs a break for a week or so. We wish him the best and that he can regain himself upon return to IFCI and IFC.

Thanks everyone who is still with us.
On behalf of the Team, CR3W



Hello IFC

As part of a major change to IFCI, we have made the very very deeply sad choice that we will be removing All Interviewers and removing the Board of Directors. Below is the application for,

  1. CTO
  2. COI
  3. Interviewers

It deeply saddens us to remove our long-time interviewers, however, for the better of IFCI and the future, we have decided to make this choice.

As for interviews. The 3 active interviews currently happening, will continue as planned, however, all new interviews will be run by the new interviewers if chosen in time…

Please apply here, regardless if your An Ex-IFCI Interviewer, or just want to apply. Nows your chance

Please put detail into your application

I know that’ll come as a shock to the interviewers, and especially the Board of Directors, but its for the best. And me and @CR3W decided to keep our minds straight, we’d make this shock announcement.


If you hold resentment towards IFCI, or just are annoyed by us for removing you as interviewer, fill this form out!


Hey guys!

Recently, we announced some new changes here at IFCI, a complete revamp of the Team, and how we do things.

We did this for many reasons, but only one way of putting it will be - Activity.



Please join us in Welcoming our new Team! You’ll recognize a few faces, but we have someone new!

Also, you’ll notice that the BoD thing is gone, and it’s for a good reason.
At the end of the Day, someone needs to have at least .01 control over everyone else, so we thought that it’d be best to just stick to our Command chain we all know of.

And thats it! Thanks for sticking around IFCI! More Interviews to come.


Can’t to once again work for IFCI :D


2019 is the year! So excited everyone, thanks for having me onboard!


Interviewing Update

Interviews should be back on schedule now. All people have either been recontacted by their original interviewer or contacted by their new one. All interviews have been pushed back to follow the new timetable. Everyone will be contacted about their new time.


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Does it have to be a well known member of the community or can you request an interview for yourself?