IFCI - Ask questions for Porter Virtual CEO, @MisterButler!

Hello again IFC!

Today, we’re back with another Interview with the man himself, @MisterButler!

Make sure to leave all you questions down below for them to get answered. Please remember that not all will get answered, but we will try our best!

Good luck everyone, and let the questions… BEGIN

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Welcome to Infinite Flight Community Interviews! Here at IFCI, we strive to bring people together by providing the best interviews possible. We want to share with you our fellow member’s personality and just answer your questions about themselves! We do this entirely for fun.


Do you enjoy the position you have at Porter?
What’s your favourite part about your job?


How has Porter Virtual changed you as a person? What skills do you get from it?


Why do you bump your Virtual Airlines Thread continuously… Do you actually receive more pilots because it’s always at the top of the feed?


[This is a valid question… I’m also curious to see if it works]


What got you interested in aviation?


What led you to create Porter Virtual?
Did you already have Porter in mind when creating a VA?
How did you meet and select your 2 admins?
What do you see in the future for Porter Virtual?
Where did you pick up your website design skills?

Per your request for questions outside of IF:
What position do you play in soccer?


Nice questions guys! I would love to see some questions about my life outside IF at some point lol

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How has the IFC changed you as a person

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Do you have any plans to expand Porter Virtual and its operations as well as pilot count?

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How did you come up with the name “Porter Virtual”?

I would assume he named Porter Virtual after Porter Airlines, which is a real airline…

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How much did you pay the mods for you to become a regular… 😄

Another question, why make a VA about a smaller Canadian VA that you don’t know much about, over an Airline that you know a lot about?


I paid $50 to become a member 🤫🤣

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Really? Dang. I had to pay them $60 plus the rest of my pizza rolls in the freezer 😑☹️

That just might be the reason

Lemme ask you few Football/Soccer related Q’s then ;)

  1. Which country are you hoping for to win the World Cup 2018?

  2. Who is your favorite Goalkeeper of all time?

  3. What got you/How did you get into to liking football?

  4. Who is your favorite football player?

  5. What do you enjoy the most about being a Goalkeeper yourself?

What professional futball/soccer club would you like to be playing for?

Are you actually living in Malaysia or are you living in Canada enjoying Porter aircraft flying all around you?

Who are you rooting for in the World Cup?

What sets Porter aside from competing airlines like WestJet & Air Canada?

Which mod did you bribe to become Regular? Have you done anything in return? If not, what do you plan on doing?

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How do you make those fancy designs?

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Questions are now closed! Thanks everyone, interview will be out in a few days or so :)