IFCI Answers Thread With Etrain!


IFCI Answer Thread with @Etrain

Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @Etrain ! We’ve picked out 12 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


-The IFCI team

Q #1. @Thunderbolt asked;
How did you get the username Etrain?

Oh man, this goes way back. It was actually part of my Xbox 360 username. During my younger years, I was absolutely fascinated by trains, and the first letter of my name is E; hence Etrain. On the 360 that wasn’t available, so I added ‘express’ to the name, but it has sort of just always stuck.

Q #2. @AndrewWu asked;
Got any advice for shooting astrophotography?

I’m not sure how helpful this question will be to the large majority reading this, but I do! People always think that you need an expensive setup, or some sort of telescope to capture the milky way, but it is easier than you would expect.


I took this with an ‘entry level’ camera on a tripod. As long as you understand the settings you should use, it really comes down to the technical stuff. The biggest thing I do wrong is forget to lower my camera’s screen brightness. It tricks you, and what you think is properly exposed is really pitch black.
Also make sure that you nail the focus. If it is off at all, it looks awful. The other tip I could give would be to use a remote shooter. I just used the canon app to do this, but you can also get the fancy stuff. This will reduce the camera shake.

Q #3. @Philippe_Gilbert asked;
What’s the name of your cat?

Hey, I actually have two! They are named Reese and Spirit (both female)

#4. @Butter_Boi asked;
Why and how did you decide to start a YT channel?

I remember this quite well. My family was doing renovations to our main and upper floor, so we had to stay in our basement for a few days. I was bored, so I went on youtube to look for things to do, and @Blu_Games was live streaming. I thought to myself, “Why don’t I do that?”, and so it began. :)

Q #5. @Butter_Boi asked;
Did you ever think “Infinite Aviation” would be one as popular as it currently is?

Yes and No. Once I got into it, I knew that I wanted to do it long term. Especially now that I get a steady income from it, which will go towards my flight training. I think I ended up with the mentality that “I’ll make it there at some point.”

My realistic expectations for the channel were 1,000 subscribers. I worked so hard for two years to get to that point. Now I care less about the numbers and more about appealing to my fans.

Q #6. @Butter_Boi asked; Do you have any plans for the future of your channel, “Infinite Aviation?”

I do! I’m hoping to transition to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, and multiple of my videos of it have done really well.

Q #7. @Butter_Boi asked;
Do you have a favorite place in Canada? And if so, where is it?

The Canadian Rockies. I spend a LOT of time there, and they stun me everytime. I mostly go to take photos, but I also enjoy the serenity of it all. It makes you feel so small and powerless.

Q #8. @TestFlight009 asked;
What is your favorite part of being a YouTuber?

My favorite part is that I meet so many great people. Through my fans and supporters, but the higher my subscribers go, the more wonderful youtubers I get to meet in the proccess. I have gotten to work with Swiss001 on livestreams, or chat with people with 50k-400k subscribers, and I don’t think I would have gotten those opportunities without my channel.

Q #9. @Ryan_Gibb asked;
Do you have a car and if so what model? 😏🚗🚙

I actually just got one from my Grandma, haha. I don’t know the exact model, I just know that it is old. Very old.

Q #10. @ThomasThePro asked;
How do you like living in Calgary?

It’s got it’a pros and cons. I love the family and friends that are all around me, and this place has many wonderful things about it. But it is also sort of ‘the prairies’, and I’d rather be in the mountains.

Q #11. @nativetoalaska asked;
Any tips for starting a YT channel? (Thinking of doing something with mine)

Don’t be afraid to try new things. And Quality over Quantity. 1 very good video a week will outlast 5 meh videos. Oh, and so many people that ask me this don’t make good thumbnails. Thumbnails are huge for being successful on youtube.

Q #12. @Captain_Cign asked;
Inspiration behind your profile pic? It looks awesome.

I love my cats

Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to tune in on Monday for the next Question Thread. Bye!

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Thanks for answering @Etrain enjoy your cats 🙃


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@Etrain good to see you still doing your thing!!


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Great to learn about today’s star @Etrain. The cats always bring a smile to me :^)


Awesome interview. These are always interesting reads!


Really interesting read, thanks for doing this and answering my questions, @Etrain!

It’s always cool to learn about fellow community members!


Great interview! It was a fun read.


Thank you for inspiring me! <3


It seems that many people like my cats. So here’s what Reese is up to right now :)


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