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We’re IFCI, and we’re here for one reason, and one reason only - to Interview Community Members!

We have quite a friendly environment, we like to have fun, but at the same time are very professional.

Back in the beginning of 2018, IFCI was opened using a communication Discord. After a closure back in August, we (The Team) have decided to bring back IFCI (Infinite Flight Community Interviews) for the Members enjoyment!

And we’ve just recently created a new discourse forum for everyone to join!

We love to see people happy to see us back in action, and we couldn’t be happier.


At the IFCI, we only choose the best and passionate staff members to join our team.

Currently we’re made up of seven individuals from different backgrounds across the globe all forming to create the best possible interviews for you, a member of the one and only Infinite Flight Community

Check out our team;

Board of Directors

Hey! I’m CR3W!

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and I’m 14 Years old. I started IFCI along side my friend, Connor to bring IFC (Infinite Flight Community) closer together by having people answer questions asked by their fellow Members

Hey, I’m Connor!

I used to run the old IFCI when I decided to shut it down. After which I took up running a VA. I jumped at the opportunity to do something good for IFC with CR3W!

Hi, I’m Kai!

I make sure our schedule is all up to date and running on time, making this website, and looking over your interview requests.

Hey, I’m Luke!

I’m from Sydney Australia, and in the IFCI I check over everything and make sure everything is running smoothly and do work all across the IFCI and post an interview here and there.

Hey, I’m Amaar!


Hello, I’m Bert, an Vietnamese-American.

I am an interview for the IFCI and a former regular on the IFC. I love aviation and airplanes. Whenever an airplane would fly by, I can’t help but look at her. I once drooled without knowing it over an airplane! My life and reputation on IFC are really interesting. People on IFC know me for one thing: KSJC.

Bio Coming Soon

Bio Coming Soon


Here at the IFCI, we aim to create the best quality interviews possible for the Infinite Flight Community!

Check out our latest interview and question thread here;

The Latest Interview

Our latest interview featured MishaCamp and was created by @Luke_M

Check it out below;

IFCI Interview with MishaCamp!

The Latest Question Thread

Our latest question thread is featuring the COO of IFCI; @Connor

Check it out below;

IFCI Question Thread for IFCI COO Connor!


Need to contact us?

Feel free to contact us on our new forum or feel free to contact @Luke_M and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours


We hope to see you asking a question, answering a question or requesting an interview soon!

- The IFCI Team




GUYS! Loving the new Orange theme to IFCI!


Love you guys!! Great thread!


I just joined! A lotta orange indeed! Very nice well put community as well :)


This new orange design is amazing!

Love to be a part of IFCI


We chose orange to make everything POP and it did. We’re so glad everyone loves our new forum


With over 20 members in under 6 hours. Our community is growing massively! Join today to see the… Well you could all it fun, but I like to call it controlled hot mess!


I just joined the forum. Nice new look, you guys! Very sharp.


Glad to see you on the forum!


I highly recommend everyone to join! The mods and staff are awesome and it’s a nice relaxing place! Go and support IFCI!


Big News!

As we enter into the new year, we (The Board of Directors of IFCI) have opened up spots to join the Team! With the amount of Interviews we do, we need more for the upcoming opening for 2019.

Please see this form below to fill it out!

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Forum Gifts

As a way of saying thank you for joining our forum, we’re going to give everyone who joins our forum a little gift every time an interview pops up.

We have decided that everyone who joins our little orange forum is going to get early access to interviews! This includes getting Question Threads & Answer threads a day early. And being able to ask questions earlier so you have a higher chance of getting your questions asked. You also have the choice of getting Personalised Titles on our forum, but they are running out soon, so join today to get your own personalized title!

New Website

We have redone our website! Its all new and shiny. We can thank @KaiM for making our snazzy looking website!


I’m bumping this, this forum is so fun to chat with everyone! You also get to submit interview questions early… 👀It’s a great place in general, there’s an interview going on right now for someone you might just know…


Just a reminder that instead of using google forms for our submissions anymore, we’re using Airtable. Here’s our link. https://airtable.com/shrycbMPEjUFQQyfl
Please note you CAN NOT submit yourself for an interview


Last chance to apply!

If you haven’t already applied for interviewer and you want too. This is your final chance! The application will close Tonight and interviewers will be picked on the 23rd. And introduced into IFCI by the 7th. Apply now!


Hello IFCI!

Well, it been a journey to get to where we are. The forum is always active. IFCI is so grateful that you’ve all joined. Now I assume your reading this going Just tell me who got it so I can either be happy or sad about it Hush children, I’ll get there shortly.

10 people applied for the position, and out of those 10, we shortlisted 4 people. We then chose 3 people out of those 4. And those 3 people will be announced now.
Let’s all congratulate @natedog508, @Thomas & @Josh on becoming IFCI’s newest Interviewers!

@Thomas was always going to be a solid choice for us, his application and his standing within the IFC community made him a good choice for the IFCI BOD Team. We are grateful to have him onboard.

@Josh was the IFCI Co-Owner before it closed. When he applied he was always going to be onboard, we had a small internal struggle to decide between interviewer and BoD member but we eventually resolved it into him becoming an Interviewer. We are so glad he’s decided to come back aboard!

@natedog508’s standing in the community along with running ACVA helped him propel into the shortlisting. He was then chosen as the last member of the short list. We are happy he’s come aboard.

Once again, we thank everyone who applied and we’re sorry if you didn’t make it in. But let’s congratulate these 3 guys on making the cut!

  • Connor

Congratulations everyone! It was a hard pick


Looking forward to what it becomes. Thanks for welcoming me to the team :)

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Congrats! I’m sure you guys will do great. :)

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It’s awesome to finally be part of the team! I look forward to selecting your questions! ;)