IFCAS: Last Rodeo

IFCAS: Last Rodeo

The Infinite Flight Council of Airshows (IFCAS) has ended its final season at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada on 16 November 2019, prior to rebranding itself as the Infinite Flight Division of the Virtual Airshow Council, an organization that seeks to host airshows in multiple flight simulators.

The show included many of the Council’s star performers, such as the USAF Heritage Flight (Comprised of the F-22, Spitfire and A-10 Demo Teams), F-16 Viper, The Belgian Dark Falcon, The Mighty Hercules, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Blue Angels. Making its first ever appearance was the VAC F-14 Tomcat TACDEMO, a dream scenario for airshow enthusiasts involving a resurrected and airworthy Tomcat, taking to the skies for the first time in over 13 years in the desert. It flew with the F-18 Hornet and “F-4 Corsair” for the Tailhook Legacy Flight.

Here’s a few of my edits from the show

Climbing High Into The Sun

Heritage Flight Break

“A Little More Puuuuuuuuull…

Diving Hercules

Up and Over

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most feared aircraft in the Infinite Skies today, your United States Air Force’s F-22 RAPTOR!

Dedication Pass

Leaping Cat



That looks so good 😍

Amazing shots Nate! No wonder They call you the free cam wizard 😏


Thanks! I first heard that title when I was taking air-to-air shots with the Freecam before Live Replay happened and got some really good and sometimes impossible angles. I guess the angle part of it is still there! 😂


That “Up and Over” shot is fantastic. Spectacular work as always, Nate! Love seeing your shots.


Was inspired by a photographer named Mark Fingar who took composite shots of the F-22 in action. Thanks!


Wow! Amazing pictures! Your skill with the F-22 is so impressive lol. The freecam wizard never disappoints.


I was spectating here and it was so amazing! Great job!

Once again, I’m so impressed. The freecam wizard does it again! IFCAS has always been so cool, I’m glad you’re not completely stepping away from IF for good.


These are wonderful, very impressed with the pictures and the work you guys do!


Yep. We’re one of a kind. It’s where you find those pilots who in my opinion mastered the art of flying.

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Where do I sign up for IFCAS?

@DeltaMD88Fan’s your guy! BTW, we’re not IFCAS anymore. It’s now the VAC.

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