IFCAS Blue Angels - A Little Puuuuuuuullll....

This here is @DeltaMD88Fan (#1), Me (#2), and @Rocco_Palen (#3) going into the vertical in a practice session.

As an airshow comes ever closer, IFCAS is hard at work perfecting the art of formation aerobatics in the form of the Virtual Blue Angels. Also acting will be recreations of Team Oracle, F-35 Demo Team and more!

For those who may ask, we’re practicing for a show that will be shown to IFCAS members. Sign up there if you would like more info. By becoming a member, you can spectate member-only shows, but agree to not interfere in any airshow activities unless you register to perform. Lots of slots are open for training!


Lol, that’s cool😎

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Nice pictures!

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Super cool 😎

Looks so realistic!

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