IFCA Question ?

I see many planes with IFCA in there callsign I was wondering who I talk to… To get in that group does anyone know??

I’m not sure, there’s thousands of different branches now. Ask @AnnieCorp_Inc

Oh hey. I think that’s our Infinite Flight Chipotle Association

I’m kidding. You’re sure its not IFSA? I’ve never head of IFCA


Here’s a pic @AnnieCorp_Inc

I’m not sure, you could be seeing IFES and then seeing that and presuming that it’s the one you have been seeing all day

sorry. That doesn’t belong to us. Maybe an IFCA member will see this post

Ok thanks.

What does IFCA stand for? Infinite flight …?

Try looking on IFFG, they probably know

IF Chipotle XD I’m done

I’m along with @AnnieCorp_Inc, it means infinite flight chipotle association

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I’m looking for an association that has lots of active members that I can go on many flights with people that take IF serious. Any Suggustions ??

Well, By instinct I’m gonna suggest IFES or IFM lol.

Skyliner, Paradiseair, DJet are some good ones

Ryanair VA :p XD

For your information, Paradisair is no longer with Skyliner. DJet also has its operations revoked until further notice :))

Oh. How about BAIF! They’re new but quite active


@American_122 you might like IFAE (Infinite Flight Aviation Experts)

@Hamza787Aj do you know their website

They do not have a website. If you are interested in joining contact @art_martinez