Ifc2: New JavaScript client for the Connect v2 API

Introducing ifc2

An open-source JavaScript client for the Connect v2 API

Hi – I’m please to share with the community the availability of the first version of ifc2 – a JavaScript client for the Connect v2 API available under the Apache 2 open-source license.

The client allows you to connect to an IF device, receive the manifest, get and set states and run commands based on that manifest.

Additionally, it provides a polling mechanism – letting you define a list of states to fetch on a sequential, repeating basis which can be useful in applications that require regular updates for specific states.

You can get the client in two ways:

This client is based on a JavaScript client originally built for PanelNinja but I’ve now taken it and externalised in a reusable package for general use.

This is just the first version of the client with a roadmap that includes better handling of discovering IF devices on the local network, the ability to disconnect and reconnect seamlessly, and a performance improvements.

Hopefully people will find this useful and welcome feedback, questions and suggestions for enhancements.


Super easy to work with, really appreciate this for IFFMC haha


Thanks. Glad to hear it.

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A new update of ifc2 has been published on both GitHub and npm which addresses issues with the reliability and stability of connections to Infinite Flight and possible freezing in the stream of responses coming from Infinite Flight. It also addresses errors which higher volumes of data requests could trigger errors causing applications to crash.

You can get the update in two ways: