IFC yellow highlight misaligned

Mainly FAO @Cameron or anyone else that works the forum.

Yellow highlight on the forum is misaligned on Chrome mobile, examples below:

Pixel 4XL, A12, Chrome

Pixel 2XL, A11, Chrome Canary

iPad 4, Safari

Pixel C, LOS18, Chrome Canary

Seems to only affect the mobile version of chrome, desktop is fine, tablet desktop equivalent also no issue.

Perhaps related to Yellow Ribbon Too Low

Just thought I’d report it 😳


I’m seeing it too.

Happening only on mobile, including iPhone.

I see it too.

Coolio. Well we’ve confirmed it’s the mobile browsers, chrome, safari and edge. No need for everyone to report it 🙂


I’m also experiencing this issue on mobile


Also me too on my iPhone on IFC.

Guys, genuinely. Don’t need everyone to report. We’ve covered the big mobile browsers 🙂


I also wanted to confirm, since I have the new iOS 15 Apple beta, that this issue is happening there as well.

At least I’m reporting for a logical reason. I’m on a different version so that could affect it 🤷‍♂️

For everyone that’s going to ask, I know it’s not a duplicate account. It’s my VA account.

Thanks for the report. We’ve informed the local authorities who will send out a team consisting of their best employees to catch the yellow line and bring it back to where it belongs.


cough cough this is happening for such a long time in my laptop… (prob an issue only on my end tho)

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It is gone for me now!
Just the normal line. Does not overrun.

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This seems to only affect mobile, as stated above. It appears that you are on an iPad, so you were probably fine either way

Same. IOS with discourse app

Can confirm, still happening on the IFC Discourse app on iPhone

Should be solved now, thanks for the report!

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Peace is now back in the Infinite Kingdom, and that thanks to your help, valourous Knight of the Mod

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Seems to be fixed now

I’d just like to give a shout out to @Marc for his rapid response in having this reported to the authorities, without him the yellow line would have surely gotten further away. His quick thinking brought it back to justice in record time!


Your tag beat Marc’s report, he wasn’t quick enough this time ;)


I was very much quick enough; however, I spent the last 20 minutes in a meeting of the safety committee of our Ministry of Interior to hold the debriefing of the rescue of the yellow line. I can report that all the agencies involved were satisfied with the procedure. It just needs to be ensured that the superglue now used to fix the line is monitored in the future to make sure it does not come loose again.