IFC will not let me edit post

Hello IFC. A post I am trying to edit won’t let me edit it. Their are no error messages. It just keeps showing a circle. Please help!


Is your Wifi/Data working properly? Please double check…

Yep, everything else is loading. My WiFi is functioning

I just tried editing without wifi and the same thing comes up…

Did you re check?

Edit: Did you try and reload the IFC…

I’m on WiFi, I guess this is a bigger issue than I thought

Have you tried clearing the browser and opening a new page? Also try logging in and out of IFC. :)

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I tried redoing it and rebooting my device

I’ll try logging out, thanks for the tips

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Lol @NationofAviation I’m sure his WiFi is working sufficiently if he can see other IFC posts just fine.
@SkysTheLimit87 however, have you tried a speedtest.com ?
I just tried voting on your page, and I kept getting all sorts of errors. I also got an “internal server error”. Maybe the problem is on IFC’s side?

I’ll try a Speedtest. Brb


I got my Speedtest 15/1 (typical for my 200/15 wifi, thanks optimum) and I attempted to log in and out and it still won’t work.

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This might just be an issue with IFC/Discourse then. At this point, I guess it’s best to just wait it out.
Do you have another device that you could try editing the post on?
[Edit: It won’t even let me vote on the poll on your page, so most likely it’s an issue on their side.]

That’s odd since i’m able to edit without any issues whatsoever, takes less then a second for the edit to save, no matter the size of how much text i edit (remove/add).

I’ll try my PC, thanks for the help guys.

I’m thinking that somehow it’s just an issue with that post. I don’t get any errors on any other posts (like this one for example), but when I read his post, all sorts of errors start appearing.


Still an issue on PC. I’ll let Discorse work it out


Hmm, that’s weird, could be as you said something on Discourse’s end, but as for me i’m not receiving any error messages right now… :/


Is their someone I can contact to let them know about this?

You could contact Sebastian, i believe he would be best suited for this inquiry. Send him a PM ;)

He’s been a great help for me, anytime i’ve had issues with the Discourse.

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Thanks, I’ll contact him.