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IFC Weekly is your source for an interesting, informative recap of what’s happened over the past week in the Infinite Flight Community and Real-World Aviation. The weekly edition, delivered every Monday morning, is available via an email subscription, or for PDF Viewing. It offers an interesting perspective or deeper look into topics you may or may not have seen before.

Additionally, the stories featured in our emails are available on our website so that you can view and share them individually.

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Riley M. @rileymoyer Exec. Editor riley.ifcw@gmail.com
Kyle B. @trio Contributor trio.ifcw@gmail.com
Cbro4 @Cbro4 Contributor cbro4.ifcw@gmail.com
Vincent G. @WestJet737767 Contributor vgold.ifcw@gmail.com
Rotor Guy @RotorGuy Contributor rotorguy.ifcw@gmail.com
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Ryan G. @N1RG Contributor ryan.ifcw@gmail.com

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Following you now on Twitter. Will there be a link there for your publication?

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Great! That twitter is brand-new, but yes, the link will be on there. Links are also shared here on the thread, and in PDF version on our website.


Happy to see my event featured! Everyone is enjoying Christmas with their family in Boston :)

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Good morning from the IFC Weekly Team!

Today’s special holiday edition has shipped out. This week we look at how Infinite Flight is handling the holidays with cut-back availability and the addition of a holiday loading screen, multiple holiday events, a featured airport that is extra busy during the holiday season, multiple other RWA topics related to the chaos that is holiday travel, and more!

We really hope that you enjoy reading. If you do, please don’t hesitate to subscribe below.

Happy Holidays!

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Maybe you should add some list of interesting events.

Add a list of interesting events to where? They are featured in the edition.

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I am sorry then, I subscribed today, but I havent received anything yet, so I havent seen the edition yet.

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No worries!

Since you subscribed after 2018-12-24T11:30:00Z, when our emails ship out, you won’t receive an edition until next week.

For now, feel free to hit “read” in my announcement to view it. I hope you enjoy!


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Nice to see you opening up to more experiences on the IFC!

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Year-End Update

Hello! As part of the busy end of 2018, we have a few things we need to tell you.

Unfortunately, to to the crazyness of the season, this week’s edition of IFC Weekly will be a day late, so it will ship out on January 1st. We apologize about this, but it will be a better newsletter for everyone this way. Thanks for your paitence.

So, to help hold you over until Tuesday, we have released a year-end review for 2018. This includes stats about our year, as well as a huge thank you to all of our subscribers and readers. We could not be where we are today without you.

Be sure to read our year in review and subscribe below so you can get this week’s edition right in your inbox! Thanks again for your support!

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Good morning and Happy New Year from the IFC Weekly Team!

Today’s edition of IFC Weekly shipped out after a one-day delay. Thank you so much for your patience.

This week’s edition features Year-End stories like Infinite Flight’s year in review, as well as Users’ predictions for 2019 features in the app. We’ll show you where to fly this week, what cool events have happened and what events are coming up soon, as well as the latest in third-party app development.

Now that it has shipped out to subscribers, it is available for link viewing here, and PDF & individual story viewing on our website. We really hope that you enjoy reading. If you do, please don’t hesitate to subscribe below.

Once again, Happy New Year! See you next week.

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A New, Premium Domain

As the latest improvement in a series of upgrades, we have decided to purchase a premium domain that you can use to visit our site! So from now on, visit us at ifcweekly.com for more information on IFC Weekly, Newsletter Archives all the way back to the first edition, and to view and share all of the stories that are in our emails individually.

Stay tuned for more improvements, including but not limited to incorporating this new domain into our emails.

As we announce this upgrade, we are still hard at work preparing for Monday’s edition of IFC Weekly! This will be packed with the stories that actively influence the community, like the IFC Awards, Honorary Events, and the latest VA developments. Subscribe below to have it delivered to your inbox on Monday morning.

Thank you all, and we will see you with the release of the January 7th edition!

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Ask Any Subscriber and They Will Tell…

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Monday, January 7

Today’s edition of IFC Weekly has shipped! Today we cover the IFC Awards, the IFC’s discourse icon refresh, Alaska Virtual’s Success, Friday Night Flight in Athens, tell you where to fly this week, the death of Herb Kelleher, and discuss what the partial government shutdown means for TSA officers working without pay.

If you like what you see and are not a subscriber, it is open for link viewing below. Subscribe to get next week’s edition in your inbox.

Thank you all for the support and have a wonderful week!

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I’m loving these emails over here. Keep em coming!

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We’re so glad you enjoy them! No plans of stopping. :)

Great article this week! I always love reading the emails! :)

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Quick update, the website is now updated with a PDF version of the newsletter, and individual stories available if thats how you prefer to view our content. Get it now at ifcweekly.com.

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