IFC username for Laz Janier?

Looking for Laz Janier. You were controlling Tower at KSFO tonight on the training server and I’d like to DM you regarding a very confusing final approach. Time was 06:35Z. Please let me know what your IFC username is so we can chat offline. My call sign is N121PP. Thanks.

Remember, not everyone flying in IF has an IFC account.

Sorry, it’s just the choice of some pilots to not be involved in IFC.


Yep understood. 🙂

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There doesn’t seem to be anyone by that name on the community. If there’s an issue with the controller on TS, there’s not much you can do. Best thing to do is just work your way up to grade 3 and fly on expert.

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And…also they may not even have been on the IFC, so it is better to leave them alone for atc and it’s not their fault for a improper approach; it’s the training server, so anything can happen. It’s also a free place for pilots to…you know, fly.:)

Actually already a grade three and creeping up quickly on grade four. Training server almost always has active ATC at KSFO and KLAX and the airspace is usually pretty packed so regardless of grade level it’s a good place to practice your ATC and situational awareness skills as a pilot, especially if you enjoy flying in and out of those airports. 🙂


So training server is for learning as both pilots and controllers correct? All I’m looking to do is help a controller on that learning curve. I’ve had many pilots and controllers help me to become a better pilot. Just looking to return some of that help to someone else. If he or she is not on IFC, no sweat. If they are and wish to respond for a chat, great! 😁


Well, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is a IFC username related to what you said. However, you can possibly help others that have an IFC account! Yes, I know, it’s a bit upsetting that you can’t help someone because you’re unable to get in contact with them, but there’s definetely other users with IFC accounts to help them out!

Also, thanks for trying to help community members become better Air Traffic Controllers if they wish so.


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