IFC Twitch Accounts Database

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Twitch Account Database!

Hello IFC. Before we begin, I just wanted to thank @Thunderbolt for helping inspire me to create this. I got the idea off of his thread. Go check it out:


Here you will be able to post your Twitch accounts if you stream Infinite Flight on Twitch. This way you can find community member’s videos!


  1. Channel must be owned by you. You must post it.
  2. Must be primarily Infinite Flight-related.
  3. If you are posting an account for a VO then it must be IFVARB approved.
  4. Inappropriate content won’t be accepted
Formatting Example

Name: Rotate Aviation
Link: Rotate Aviation
Category: Infinite Flight


Offical Infinite Flight Channel

Infinite Flight

Celebrities (1k+ followers)

@AviatorDan - Twitch

Infinite Flight Related

Enigma Live on Twitch
Rotate Aviation

IFVARB Approved VA's and VO's
Real World Aviation

Don’t forget to add the actual infinite flight twitch account lol.

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Whoops! Let me do that real quick! I forgot they announced it today lol

With the Twitch stream today hopefully more people put their content up!

Name: henderson_aviator15
Link: Twitch
Category: Infinite Flight

I’ll put yours up there! Thanks for sending!

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Name: Enigma Live on Twitch
Link: Enigma Live on Twitch
Category: Infinite Flight

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I have Added you

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Thanks! I’m going to start streaming more soon - just working out the bugs.

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Name: cpt.mustache
Status: Twitch Affiliate
Link: Official Twitch Channel
Category: Infinite Flight

Fantastic! I’ll get you on there. I love your GIF!

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Thanks :) currently working on making production quality better. Looking into a better mic this weekend.

I gave you a follow! 😉

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🙏🏻❤️ huge thanks

Quick question. Do you also use OBS to stream?

i use streamlabs obs

Dm me for any questions surrounding streaming and Brandings, logos and designs

I don’t have any questions haha. I was just wondering. I also stream with OBS. So I was like, “Wow! Another person I can talk to about this streaming stuff!”

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Name: Capjuliankrantz
Link: capjuliankrantz (Twitch)
Category: Infinite Flight ATC traning server

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Awesome! I’ll get you up there!

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