IFC Trust Levels

I am not being promoted to the member rank on the IFC even though I have met all the criteria. I can provide a screen shot if needed. If I was promoted, I have not received the badge.

You should let the system time! You just have to wait a little bit!

This should be in #meta as well

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you clearly don’t meet the criteria, you need to have been on 50 days or more in an 100 day period, you’ve only been on 39



The regular ranks you saw at the discourse site is not the same as the ones in this forum. It’s similar but not same


also maybe wait until you’re TL2 before thinking about TL3


And you should read more posts!


you clearly do not meet the TL3 requirments

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Flag it ,then the moderators close it!

Actually, you first need to gain the member trust level. As Dush said above, the requirements has been adapted from the original ones. Continue to be active and participate to discussions in a positive way and you’ll get there in no time. Also, you should check out the topic I linked below. :)


As said above, give the system some time and stay active and positive on the community.
@Adrien has given a good link to check the regular requirements.

Thank you and good day, Kizzy.