IFC Trust Level Requiremnets

I want to apply for IFATC but I need a high trust level. So I researched how I get my trust level higher and I got this
This page
I match all the requirements to go up to level 1 but seem to have not moved up yet?

The Trust Level requirements for this forum are not public. Just engage with the community and over time you’ll get up there.

What do you mean?

So if you looked at the Discourse trust level requirements, those are different than the IFC requirements. So technically, you might not be there yet.

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Oh well is there a way of knowing how close I am?

Not at the moment, no. The moderators want everybody to get their respectfully and not just look at the requirements and grind for it. One thing you can know is that you can’t automatically be promoted past TL2 as they manually do that as they see fit.


Well I’ve just been promoted now😂😂

Well there you go, you’re off to a good start then! The forum also might delay promotions a bit to slow down the amount of promotions within a day.

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To correct you on this, TL3 is a manual promotion. TL2 is the highest you can naturally get, where posting in tons of topics doesn’t get people here anymore to my delight.😀

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That’s what I said. I don’t see your point there.

Incorrect spelling or use of grammar then, as you clearly stated past TL3, not at TL3. 🙃


I meant TL2, was a typo. Thanks for catching me on it :)

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Shame it hasn’t stopped it though, feels like some reply just for the sake of it 🧐😖