IFC troubles

Ok so as of a few minutes ago, every time I click on a topic or practically click on anything, it loads another IFC tab and when I click on the new tab, it makes another one. Also, when I delete a IFC tab, it creates another one. Could someone please help? Here is a screenshot if it helps:



Try going in Preferences --> Interface --> Other and switch off ‘open all links in a new tab’.


Where is that? In settings?

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Click on your profile picture, on the ‘settings’ icon, which will direct you to the preferences.


That refers to external links i.e. links to websites like BBC, Wikipedia etc. He has the problem on links within the Community as well.

At least, that’s what I think.

@Ryan_Farell can you replicate this in another browser?

@Levet maybe not sure

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Raise an official support topic in the official discourse community. They will be able to help you better than us :)

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