IFC Topic and Reply Guidelines


As the forum continues to grow we have seen a decrease in post quality as well as an increase in flags. As a result we thought we would highlight some general guidelines to follow before posting a new topic or a reply to an existing thread.

New Topics / Threads
  • Are you familiar with the rules of the category? Many categories such as #screenshots-and-videos, #real-world-aviation, and #features have rules regarding content, frequency of posts, and/or trust level restrictions. Each category has a thread called “About the ________” which will explain any category specific rules. #real-world-aviation has specific rules around incident reports.
  • Is your topic a duplicate? With over 50k users in the community, many questions have been asked before. Please utilize the search feature to search for posts relevant to what you are about to post. Please search using different words to be sure you are doing a thorough search.
  • The community is not google. This is a community focused on the Infinite Flight application. Questions referencing material for various homework assignments are better suited for Google instead of the community to answer.
  • Have you provided a complete thought along with a topic for discussion. Simply posting a picture or link with no description will not get very far. If you have a topic to discuss be sure to explain the topic fully and provide the start to engage the community in discussion. A post that starts with “Whats your favorite…” usually does not last long and has the potential to be closed. Additionally there is a chance that it has been asked before.
  • Have you provided all information that is needed? For support threads, be sure to read Support FAQ 2019 - Please read this before posting! thread first before posting a thread in #support as it will cover many common issues. If you do need to post a support thread be sure to fully state the problem, how to reproduce it, what device you are on, and what you have done to fix it. Please include any screen shots as needed to show what you are referencing. Many problems can be fixed by restarting the app or rebooting your device.
  • Is it appropriate? The community has members from all over the world with different backgrounds. Political, religious, or threads designed to start an argument may be closed and unlisted.
  • Is it related to Infinite Flight? This is an Infinite Flight community and not a general aviation forum. Posts outside of the #real-world-aviation category should be related to the Infinite Flight simulator is some way.

  • Are you replying to a current post? Replying to a post from 24, 48, 72 hours ago may cause confusion if the thread has been active. Be sure your reply is warranted and is clear and concise.
  • It the thread still active? If the thread has not been active in a few days/weeks/months you may want to re-evaluate the need for a reply. Necroposting (The act of bringing a dead thread back to life with a post with little to no value) is not allowed and may result in being flagged.
  • Does the post need to be public? Not every post needs to be in a public thread. Are you correcting a link, grammar, or spelling? If so, please send the user a private message to not clog up the thread.
  • Are you repeating what others have said? Some threads are very active and replies fill up quickly. Before posting be sure that what you are saying has not been said already in posted messages.
  • Stay on topic! If the thread is talking about the A320 live cockpit and you are posting a reply talking about a flight you took in a 737-800 on your summer vacation you may want to consider not posting it to keep the thread on topic.
  • Is it appropriate? Are you trying making a joke on someone else’s support thread? You should probably not post. Memes and jokes can be taken out of context and are usually frowned upon. Posting jokes in #real-world-aviation topic regarding incidents may be in poor taste and flagged.
  • Are you talking to one person? Having a side conversation with another user one on one in the public thread should probably be moved to a private message to avoid confusion. This is especially true if the side discussion turns off-topic.

Private Messages
  • The above rules also apply to Private Messages. Just because a private message is behind closed doors does not grant a pass to be disrespectful or hurtful to others.

Reported/Ghost Inquiries

If you have been reported the first step is to contact the controller who reported you via Private Message. This can be found on your logbook for the flight in question. If you cannot find the controller, please contact a member of the moderating team.

If you are new to the forum and are unable to send a PM due to your trust level, please PM a moderator for assistance.

Our Moderators:

  • Do not take offense if a post of yours was flagged. If you have a question regarding why something was flagged, please bring it to the attention of a moderator.
  • Flags are good. Not all flags are negative and not all of them count against your forum rating. Moderators reply to every flag and will accept or reject flags as needed. Some may result in posts being deleted in an effort to keep the thread organized.
  • Do not abuse flags. Flagging someone’s post as retaliation is abuse and may be subject to disciplinary actions.


It takes just a few extra seconds to take a quick proofread and to think about the above items when posting or replying. Thank you for taking the time to review the above guidelines!

For more information, please review these helpful threads: