IFC Survey - Third Party Research

Good morning all!

Before we continue this is a Non official IFC Survey conducted by myself, I also have permission for this to happen by Misha thank you for allowing this.

This is just general questions about IFC and IF. If you don’t mind taking a minute to fill this out I’d appreciate it!
All responses will remain anonymous.

Please don’t hesitate to comment down below and discuss things.



Great survey! Made me think on a few of them.

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Lol Glad I can be useful sometimes!


Just little problem I had with it is that I selected no for VAs but I still had to fill in the section asking in which VAs I am. So I just said which ones I had been in

So if you read it the question ask Are you in one, then the second which VA specifically, since there are a ton I thought it be easier to write out the abbreviations, so like I’m GAF. IFAE

Yeah I know (I think) what I mean is that in order to submit my answers I had to put something under “ If you selected yes - What Virtual Company are you with? Please Write the abbreviation (Example: IFAE)” because it was a required question. Although I had answered “no” in the question above (“Are you a part of a Virtual Airlines/ Virtual Organization? ”)

Anyway not a problem really just slightly confusing😉

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Sorry for confusing you!

Great well thought out survey. Completed.

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Thank you! Hopefully it made yea think!

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I have added the A/10 and 737 section, thank you!

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