IFC Spotting Contest! [WINNER ANNOUNCED!]

Credit: Marco Tjokro

It is time for another plane spotting photograph contest! This contest, hosted by myself and @AndrewWu, will be in a bracket layout, consisting of 16 entrants in the first round, with half of the remaining entrants being eliminated in every following rounds. That means there will be a total 4 rounds.

What are the photo guidelines?

Please only enter your highest-quality shots. Phone pictures are allowed, but keep in my mind they typically are considerably lower quality pictures than one taken with a DSLR.

Every round, we will have a different category, such as: business jets , heavy aircraft , cargo , etc.
If you enter the contest but do not have a photo that fits the category, please upload the closest to the category that you have. Entries that are not close to the category outlines are subject to disqualification.

Here is the category outline:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Open Cargo Aircraft Biz Jets/GA Heavy Aircraft

How long will voting take?

Once the 16 entries are filled, we will begin voting. A random bracket will be created for the baseline. Voting periods will be open for 24 hours, and will take place in this thread.

Any other rules?

  • Do not try and get support for your photos through external sources (Instagram, Slack, etc.). You will be disqualified for this.

  • You may vote for your own photo during voting.

  • When you are voting, please take into consideration all aspects of the photo (content, aesthetics, quality, editing, etc.). Do not just focus on one aspect, but instead take all of them in account before you vote.

  • Photos being voted on will be anonymous, to promote fairness. Entrants will be notified of who they are competing against, but are asked not to share with the voting public

  • No repeats please!

For the first round, there is no category! Enter anything and everything that is a plane, helicopter, balloon, basically anything that fits under the aviation category. Keep in mind that future rounds will have a specific category.

The contest is now full! Thanks for entering!

Good luck to all of you!!

Round 1, last 4 sets

They will be in the thread below, please check closely.


Please PM me with your entry.

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So… does a wingview count? Or does it have to be a picture of the actual aircraft


Wingviews are perfectly acceptable, just keep in mind future rounds!


Ah I love these! Can’t wait to see what everyone else has in store!

Contrary to what may be popular belief, while of course I do try to win, I’d love to see someone get the better of me/anyone else that joins. Let’s see if anyone is up to the task ;)

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I’m entering myself. Maybe we will get to compete against each other!

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GA… GA… Not even gonna sign up cause I’ll just hog a spot for someone who has GA pics in round 3. Best of luck to beat cam


I can’t wait for this!

I’ve never spotted in my life so I can’t enter but I want to see some awesome shots


Get me in this 👀


Send me your photo, @Altaria55!

My bad pic inbound


im sure it will be amazing!

Punctuation zero, there should be a comma between bad and pic

Oh, you know it’s fire ;)


its weird how one little thing can change how it sounds!


I wanna go up against @Altaria55 in the first round lmao I want revenge and I know exactly what picture to use

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Go ahead, I’ll just destroy you again ;)

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Ok buddy destroy me

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If I didn’t enter round 1, can I enter into round 2? I have some very noice pics.

when does round one begin

You earn the right to move on, gotta win. Can’t lose and move on with a 2nd chance

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