IFC shown as not secure

If you look at the white bar on the top of the page, it shows that the IFC is not secure. It hasn’t done this before, and I’m curious as to why it is doing it now. How do I make it go away, I’m certain the IFC is secure.


That’s weird. It looks fine with mine.

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Seems fine on Discourse. Probably your end. :)

Thanks for featuring my post 😁

But for the technical issue, try exiting and reentering the browser?

Shows the (I) icon for me also instead of a padlock

Sometimes a SSL certificate rund out, then it can take some time before it renew and activates.

All good on my end.

It is probably due to your browser, you’re most likely using Chrome, I cannot tell. That’s likely the cause.

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On my phone it shows i, on my computer shows padlock

Hard to tell what that means without knowing the browser. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Chrome - MacBook

Chrome App - iPhone

I’m using a desktop version of the IFC, you can see on the bottom in this pic:

But the thing went away.

The same thing happens to me often. It actually depends on the post I’m looking at. It’s just a little hiccup in the connection.

It’s normal for pretty much any site.

Do you have an internet filter called “Circle”? Mine says something’s not secure whenever something’s blocked on Circle

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