IFC Screenshot League - Playoffs!

Welcome to the IFC Screenshot League

Hello pilots! Welcome to the first ever IFC Screenshot League! In this eight week competition, the best of the best Infinite Flight screenshotters will go head to head in a competition that will feature screenshots of all kinds. In a two division format, 24 of your fellow community members will arise. After 16 matchups (per participant) over a period of 8 weeks, 12 will make it to the playoff round. Only 1 will win. Who will it be?

How does it work?

After signing up (see instructions below), you will be randomly placed in one of two divisions, and invited to a PM, where all necessary communications will take place. Once the league begins, you will be required to submit two photos every Sunday, which will be matched up with another participant and placed in this thread for voting by fellow community members (photo owners will remain completely anonymous until the voting period of 24 hours has finished). At the end of the regular season, the six top finishers (win-loss record) from each division will move on to the four round playoffs. The top two seeds from each division will receive an automatic first-round bye. The remaining four will be reseeded - this will take place after each round has completed until the Finals, a best-of-three round to determine the champion. More information regarding playoffs will be released as the season progresses.


All #screenshots-and-videos category rules will apply in this league. See this topic for more information.

  • All screenshots used in the league must have been taken and owned by you and you only. Stolen photos will result in automatic disqualification from the matchup and removal from the league.

  • All photos used in the league may not be used more than once. In addition, photos used in the league are not allowed to have been posted in separate #screenshots-and-videos category topics - this is to prevent unfair advantages. However, photos from the same flight(s) are allowed.

  • Two photos from each participant must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) every Sunday for the week’s upcoming matches. Failure to abide by this rule may result in disqualification from the league.

Joining the League

To join the league, create a private message (PM) with @Thunderbolt and @Sashaz55, including your IFC username, experience with IF and the IFC, and at least three (3) #screenshots-and-videos topics that you have created in the past year. If you are accepted, you will be randomly placed in a division and invited to the division’s dedicated PM. The first two photos that will be used for matches 1 and 2 must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, the 20th of September, 2020.

There is currently 1 spot remaining in the competition.



In the result of a tie in the standings, the following criteria will be used to determine the higher seed(s).

  1. Head-to-Head Record - only applicable for tiebreaker between two participants
  2. Percentage Differential
  3. Total Percentage Accumulated

If a tie still persists after these three criteria, a tiebreaker head-to-head matchup will take place.

View All Standings Here

What are you waiting for? Join the league today!


i mean i’ll join even though i won’t win lol


@Suhas, @Jack_Q, @Tsumia, @GameBoy_KIRB and @NoahM right now:



thats something for @Nate_Schneller


@Anshul28 @Infinite_Qantas get in here


5 spots gone, 19 to go.

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Unfortunately, photos that have already been posted in other #screenshots-and-videos topics will not be allowed. However, if you have any excess shots, feel free to enter, they will be accepted.

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Definitely gonna be an awesome competition. Come get your spot before it’s too late!

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I knew this was coming

I might sign up, but if @Nate_Schneller signs up we’re all screwed.

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If he does. You have to give him a F-22

He keeps a couple handy

@Butter_Boi has entered the chat.

I’d love to enter this! I love competitions, combined with what I do best, IF screenshots! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

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@Thunderbolt will editing be allowed?

Dangit, I’m in college! Stop bothering me! 😂

(I’ll see what I can do when I can.)


Editing will be allowed, to a certain extent. If you would post it in #screenshots-and-videos, you could enter in this competition.

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9 spots gone, 15 left.

Can I still join?

I’d love to join your league, count me in :)

Pencil me in 👌

Great idea Thunderbolt! Would love to join but since you already know, taking a break from the sim to focus on my studies so good luck to all participants! Can’t wait to see what you lot can produce with those creative minds! 📸