IFC Screenshot Champions League

Welcome to the first IFC Screenshot Champions League!

If any of you are sports fans, specifically football fans, you will know what the UEFA Champions League is! Well, this is going to be similar. If you do not then let me break down how this will work.

The competition will be broken into 2 stages The Group Stage and The Knockout Round

The Group Stage

There will be 8 groups of 4, where each person will go up against everyone else in their group twice. You will get 3 points for a win in each respective clash, 1 point if you somehow manage to tie and 0 points for a loss. We will then be counting the amount of votes received and votes for your opponent, and similar to goal difference in the champions league we will track a vote difference. This will be important at the end of the group stage. Once each participant has completed all of their group stage matchups, the top 2 participants will progress onto the next round! If two participants are level on points, then we will use the vote difference to decide the placing for the two participants.

The Knockout Round

After the group stage has been complete the first placed participant will be matched up against a second placed participant from another group, this will form the Round of 16. Then in the Quarter Final we will draw again and use the randomiser to sort out the matchups. In the Quarter Final and Round of 16 you are unable to have a matchup with someone who was in the same group as you. After the Quarter Final draw there will be no more randomising, this will be the final seeding for the bracket so you will have a clear idea of possible matchups in the Semi Final and Final. For all Knockout Round matchups except the Final there will be 2 matchups. A home and away if you will, however, all that will matter is the aggregate votes!

The Rules

I know this might be the boring part but it is important.

  1. Every participant who joins this event has to respect the Category Guidelines . This means: no HUD, no hard photoshops, and no meme photos.
  2. Videos, GIFs or something similar are not allowed in this competition.
  3. All the pictures must be yours. The edits must be at your own.
  4. When editing please do not overdo it, this includes watermarks in the middle of the image. In disputes of “overdoing it” final say will be had by the organiser.
  5. You can not reuse pictures from an earlier match up, you must always come up with new and creative pictures. Really show off!
  6. Please be mature and civilized with conversation, any unsightly behaviour will be flagged to mods.
  7. Participants will have a 24 hour window to provide a picture for their matchup, if they fail to provide a picture it will be an automatic forfeit.
  8. Voting will be open 24 hours before taking the final results.

If these rules are not followed then you will forfeit the current matchup you are submitting the picture for. If this occurs a second time you will be automatically dropped from the competition.

How to Sign Up

There will be 32 places available for participants and it is on a first come first serve basis. You apply by simply messaging me directly (DM/PM). I will then randomise the groups once we have a full list of participants.

I will send a picture of the groups after each matchup with update figures.


This competition is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Infinite Flight or UEFA.


You already know I’m joining


Sounds great, will look forward to receiving your message of application.

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Sign me up!

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I must join this 🤣😁🤣

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6 out of the 32 slots have already been taken! If you would like to join I would recommend applying soon before all the slots are taken!

Can i join? Do i have to PM?


That is correct, to apply you have to PM me.


I’m definitely joining!


My screenshots are top notch, this will be pretty easy :)


Be careful though, complacency can sometimes be peoples biggest downfall!


I’ll take the risk :)


If photo editing was allowed, I would be joining but since it’s not, I’ll sit this one out…


Just trying to make it more of a level playing field for those who can not edit due to device constraints or not being able to spare the money for editing software’s and things. And if you really have an eye for screenshots in IF, it isn’t really needed ;). But hopefully see you next time!


If editing was allowed, this would be easy but eh…

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PS Express is free tho

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Editing is typically the hard part.


You should and get creative with your shots, to where they look edited, but they’re not!

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12 out of 32 places have been taken! Lets get some more sign ups!

Okay, given the sudden inflow of people talking about how they wish editing was allowed we shall do a poll.

Should editing be allowed?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

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