IFC Route Database

Hello IF Community.

I thought of a great idea and I was wondering if we could have a page where we could all leave any routes we plan on doing for that day’s or the next day’s ATC schedule or just any suggested routes that other may like.

Please include routes and if you can the flight plans in your replies.

This is great because it will allow us to know where the community is flying or any places we could fly.
Enjoy everybody!

v And that too v

Sounds like the purpose of the #live:groupflights category to me…

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See what you mean but group flights aren’t suggested routes, they are more of announcements saying that a group is doing a flying from one airport to another as a group

You can organize that in a DM or off the IFC.


That’s just a place where people say nice places they have flown. This is an area where the community can suggest routes and show what routes they will do later on.

Yes I would agree. If anyone has a concern, please contact me.

Thank you @Altaria55 for providing the necessary links. 🙂