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Just thought of something, what if upon making an IFC account, you had to either read all the intros tell you how to use the community what different topics are for etc or even a little test after so you have to make a topic but search to ensure its not duplicate and make an event in the right place but obviously everybody couldnt see you doing it it would just be an entry thing thats private.

  • I like it
  • It could work
  • No, i don’t like this idea

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It should work I

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It’s a good idea on the one hand, yes, on the other.

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I don’t see this working sorry, here is why there is a number of users who just use the forum for support purposes and what if someone doesn’t want to use the IFC for events why should they have to make events I feel it is just too complicated for a user just trying to find out how to solve a issue they are having



A message like the one you’re proposing is already in place and gets sent to every new user when they sign up. Please see below.

A test is not something we will be introducing.

The message:

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

This welcome message is intended to give you a brief introduction into the community and help you learn the basics.

General Rules

Here at the Infinite Flight Community we value positive, constructive, and meaningful discussion. This can be accomplished by respecting one another. Use of offensive language is prohibited - this forum environment is for all ages.

Further information regarding rules and regulations can be found here.

Trust Levels

On this forum platform, we have user levels, otherwise known as trust levels. The higher your trust level, the more perks you earn, such as the ability to request features and host events. Trust levels are obtained by being active such as posting meaningful and constructive topics, liking posts, and reading discussions.

Trust Level Description
25x25 New This is the initial trust level you are placed in when first join. You are granted basic community functions at this trust level.
25x25 Basic The second level is basic user. You are granted additional community functions, but one at this trust level is still restricted from posting in several categories.
25x25 Member This is the third level, and at this point, you are granted all major community functions. You are permitted to post in all public community categories.
25x25 Regular A regular is an experienced member of the community and is given extra functions such as moving other user’s topics from one category to another and helps reduce the workload for the moderation team. Reaching regular requires extensive activity and dedication.
25x25 Leader Not obtainable by any requirements. Users at this trust level are community ambassadors.


We have a collection of categories that help organize topics. Before posting in a category, be sure to read the pinned category guidelines in said category. Below is a rundown of all categories:

General General - This category is for everything related to Infinite Flight that doesn’t fit into another other category.

Real World Aviation Real World Aviation - This is the place to share your real world experiences, tips, and more with regards to aviation.

Features Features - Here you can voice your requests for future Infinite Flight features! This is a special category exclusive for users that are above member, otherwise known as trust level 2.

Support Support - If you have any issues with Infinite Flight, this is the place to report it! Support and troubleshooting will be provided by community members and staff. Further information regarding support can be found below.

Live Live - The portal to the world of multiplayer is the Live category. In this category you can find group flights, events, VAs, and much more.

Meta Meta - The meta category is the area to post an inquiry regarding Discourse itself.

Developer Developer - Reserved for third-party developers. Unless you’re a developer, please refrain from posting in this category!

Tutorials Tutorials - Collection of approved user-submitted and official Infinite Flight tutorials that teach you different aspects of air traffic control and flying.

Announcements Announcements - Staff will post in this category to broadcast a global message to all users, usually regarding an update or important information.

More information about the above categories can be found in their pinned topics which should always be read before using a category. In addition to these categories, there are subcategories. Subcategories are to further organize topics and posts. Continue to read to learn about the subcategories.


Support Français - If you require french support, here is the place to ask. Official staff support won’t be provided, but fellow community members will assist.

Support Español - Spanish support from spanish-speaking community members will be provided here.

Live Events - Once you reach member, you will be permitted to post in this subcategory. Remember to follow the title format!

Live ATC - If you open somewhere in Infinite Flight Live, feel welcome to post in this category announcing you’ve opened.

Live VA - Upon reaching trust level 2, the VA subcategory will be unlocked. To create a virtual airline, make sure you read the pinned topics and contact the IFVARB.

Real World Aviation Spotting - This is the place to share your spotting experiences and photos when you reach member.


Infinite Flight support is offered in the support category of the community forum, via private message, or by email.

Please be aware that the support category is publicly visible and should not be used to share personal information. If you would like one-on-one support please send a message to @support and we would be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you may also contact support@infinite-flight.com for support via email.

Before sending a support ticket, ensure you read through all the following topics. The more information you provide, the faster we can help resolve your issue.

About Support

How to make a support request

All support will be communicated in English. Support in any other language won’t be given by staff.

Handy Resources

Below is a collection of topics that will further help you learn the forum. It is recommended you have a read through these:

A Beginners Guide to the Forum

The Moderation on the Forum

Respect on the Forum


If you happen to have an inquiry, do not hesitate to contact the moderation team. Send a message to any of the moderators, and they’ll answer at the earliest convenience.

Thank you again for being a part of this community!

If you’d like to learn more, select below and bookmark this personal message. If you do, there may be a :gift: in your future!


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