IFC Questions to get quick answers

Since I have been on IFC, I’ve had many questions to ask about IF, but didn’t know where to put them.

I didn’t want to make a topic, because I didn’t want to disturb too many people

I didn’t want to ask a question in a topic as a random reply that would disturb the conversation.

So this topic is for an " ask a question" Button to be put into IFC so that questions you have about IF or IFC can have a quick answer without disturbing many unnecessary people in the process. This would resemble troubleshooting in a way.

I am fully aware that I make too many topics, often for questions that could easily be answered, and that bugs me.
Thank you!

P.S. I’m really sorry, this didn’t seem to be a duplicate (although i’m not a pro at using the SEARCH bar :) ), and I hope this is in the right category. If I made any minor mistakes, please tell me, and I will do my best to fix them, and if this topic is a total fail (which it probably is), i’m sorry, and feel free to flag/delete it.
Thanks again!
*Please tell me what you think about this topic.


Remember that no question that someone asks genuinely is a dumb question :)


You can simply look at some active members on the forum for guidance. I think of myself as one of them so I have made it clear on my bio that everyone is welcome to PM me and people do, no question is stupid and I enjoy helping people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and I’m sure if someone doesn’t know they will pass you on to someone who does. Regulars on the community in general will know of people who know enough to educate others on things. Hope this helps.


Yes, it does help, but this would be for People to give one fast answer, to help me and others without the topic becoming a debate.
Thank you!

Feature requests for the form should be put in #meta ;)

Oh, sorry… Thanks for changing it for me!

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I thought of it too, good idea!
It be a good thing to have in the forum, in that way, we won’t clutter up the forum with questions and we’ll get answers fast!
Good day :D

Ok, here’s a question for you all:

Question 1: What does an IF recruiter do, and how does it differ from an IF trainer?

And here’s an other question for your to consider:

Question 2: in Unicom, what’s up with the Send Traffic Advisories? I mean, what’s the point in sending “San Francisco Unicom is using 25L, left traffic”? What does it tell the other aircrafts, on the platform and in the air, and what are they supposed to do with this info?

Unicom is used to inform people of your location and planned movements.

You can learn more here and here

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